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Internet of Things

What is IoT?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is fueling innovation in nearly every part of our lives. Simply connecting the "things" that were never connected before is leading to new data insights that translate into meaningful change. With the potential of billions of new connected things bringing a tidal wave of new data, businesses want a better grasp of expected ROI, cost, and scalability, while IT managers struggle with integration, interoperability, and management concerns. Our objective is to provide our engineering community and suppliers a path to their solutions.

IoT is a mega technology trend that will not only be an endurance test for legacy systems but will also shape the fate of small and big companies in many different industries. Estimates are for 50 billion IoT connected devices by 2020 and 100 billion by 2025. There are a multitude of companies and proposed network solutions. We, at Digi-Key, are committed to helping our customers navigate the plethora of choices and find the best solutions for their applications or use-cases.

Connecting to the IoT

The Internet of Things is all about connections - connecting your electronics design, product, or project to the wider world. We start with the idea that you have a "Thing" that you want to connect to the "Internet of."

How do you do that?

As a maker, engineer, or designer there are a lot of choices to make. And those choices have a big impact on the cost, size, runtime, and usability of your Thing. Thinking and knowing about your options early on, perhaps even before you open up your IDE or CAD tool, will help you save money, time, and make your product the best it can be.

This is Adafruit and Digi-Key's ALL THE INTERNET OF THINGS - a six-part series, covering everything you need to know about the Internet of Things (which we will shorten to IoT).

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All the Internet of Things Video Series from Adafruit

Episode 1 dives into the different types of connectivity transports available, from Ethernet to WiFi to Bluetooth as well as cellular.

Episode two of All the Internet of Things is titled Protocols: Machines Talking to Machines. Lady Ada gives us a run-down of the most popular Protocols used in the industry today including: HTTP, REST ...

After the first two episodes of All the Internet of Things, Lady Ada decides to dig a little deeper and show us actual applications of using specific transports and protocols in an application.

Episode three of All the Internet of Things revolves around Services for Things. After the first two episodes we should have our "things" "connected" and "talking".

Episode four of All the Internet of Things focuses on a robust Internet of Things service for makers and professional engineers alike: our very own Adafruit IO.

When you see that the “S” is missing from IoT, that is because there is a large amount security missing from modern day internet connected devices.