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Raspberry Pi 3

This is the beginning of a multi-part, multi-author series on how to build your own robotics platform called C-BISCUIT, an acronym for Collaborative Bot with Integrated System Core, Unmanned Interactivity, and Telemetry. The idea is to collaboratively build a "core" module that can be dropped into various vehicle chassis (quadcopter, land rover, etc) and be easily reconfigured to perform the tasks of each vehicle.



  1. A Robotics Platform for the Hacker and Hobbyist
    • Introduction, overview, and getting started with C-BISCUIT
  2. Robot System Architecture
    • Combining our C-BISCUIT system components into a demo bot
  3. Schematic Design for the RCB - Microcontroller, Motor Controller
    • Looking at two sections of custom-designed control board for the demo bot
  4. Schematic Design for the RCB - Power, Stepper
    • A closer look at portions of the RCB schematic
  5. Layout and Assembly for the Robot Control Board
    • Important layout and manufacturing concepts pertaining to the PCB for the Robot Control Board
  6. System Integration and Testing
    • Putting the pieces together to see what the C-BISCUIT demo bot can do