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10/16/2019 | By Staff

The Horrors of Halloween has everything you need to make this Halloween your best yet. Projects from different skill levels are all centrally located for ease and convenience so that you can find the perfect project and make it your own. From Python to C++ to block code we’ve got you covered. Need a centerpiece for your food table? Create the Behold the Yack-O-Lantern and use chip dip as the, ahem, “yack”. Want something to creep out the trick-or-treaters? Grab a Monster M4sk from Adafruit and create your very own living ventriloquist dummy. Make sure to check back all month long while we add new projects. Happy Tricking!

Create not-so-subtle candy preference GIF eyes for your trick-or-treat bucket!

Augmented reality is a popular tech buzzword right now…the concept of overlaying graphics or information over the world you see.

The Adafruit MONSTER M4SK is our most user-friendly eyes project to date!

You can get flexible and creative with the MONSTER M4SK when building your own costumes and props!

Ventriloquist dummies can be charming, hilarious, spunky sidekicks! But sometimes, they'd like to really come alive and be the start of the show.

Do you want to hand out candy, but have kids to take trick-or-treating? We solved the issue with our original “Scaredy-Pi Candy Dispenser”.

With just a handful of parts and a couple of hours of work, you can easily repulse all of your co-workers at this year's office Halloween party!

There is nothing creepier then seeing a black cat cross the road on the evening of Halloween!

As we approach the end of October, the spooky Halloween energy is starting to find its way into my world.

Halloween is fast becoming our favorite time of year as it really lends itself perfectly to fun and creative projects that allow you indulge your imagination and break out the making tools.

This sentry robot will wait quietly for someone to pass by, then it springs to life!

In this project, we'll create a wearable costume using conductive thread to connect LilyPad LEDs to a LilyTiny, powered by LilyPad battery holders.

I was approached by the owner of the famous “Haunted Woods” (near the city of Red Lake Falls in northern Minnesota) to build a circuit that would trigger a loud alarm screeching sound and emit bright ...

In this project, we'll use an Adafruit Circuit Playground to light up a cheap halloween prop.