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Startups Survival Guide

12/27/2019 | By David Sandys

At Digi-Key we work with thousands of startups every year. Some make it and unfortunately some don't. Being engineering driven we tried to find patterns of commonality between successful start-ups and reached out to the experts at Startups Magazine to help compile, design and create this first ever Startup Survival Guide. In it you will find tools, resources and first-hand accounts from successful startups to help guide your journey from ideation through production and beyond.

Digi-Key was founded and is still owned by a Maker Professional. Even though we stock a wider selection of electronic components than any other distributor and we sell products to startups in over 100 countries we still retain that entrepreneurial spirit and we are committed to making every startup a success. No one has more tools and resources dedicated to help you take your startup to wherever you want to go.

This guide follows the same 'Design Roadmap' that you can find here on our website made for startups. Here you will find an overview of every stage along that journey: Concept/Ideation, Research, Evaluation, Design, Prototyping, Funding, Marketing, Production, Distribution and Support. We have also created the Roadmap Dashboard, a product design cycle project planning tool designed to help you with tasks, resources and a checklist guide for each of the design stages. The Roadmap Dashboard is just one of tools Digi-Key has created to aid startups in becoming successful by helping to bring their ideas to market.

To read more about Startups and how to propel your business forward click below to download a pdf copy of Startups Magazine’s “Startups Survival Guide”.

image of Startups Survival Guide