Flexible PCB Contest with Digi-Key Electronics, Hackaday and Oshpark

3/12/2019 | By Maker.io Staff

Do you have an idea burning in the back of your mind; a design that you just want to get out? Well, flex those creative muscles with the “Flexible PCB Contest” - sponsored by Oshpark, Hackaday and Digi-Key Electronics.

Flexible PCBs have many uses; their small size letting them fit where rigid PCBs might not, and ensuring weight won’t be an issue on sensitive projects.

Design a flexible PCB project and enter to win anything from gift cards to complimentary boards. Digi-Key offers many options to assist with any design to help you with your project!

The rules and contest information can be found here. The contest ends on May 29th, 2019 at 7:00 am PDT, so be sure to create, share and send in your designs!