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World Maker Faire New York 2017 Was an Event Many Will Never Forget

9/27/2017 | By Kevin Walseth

World Maker Faire in NY was yet another great event put on by the team at Make: Media. I would like to start out by personally thanking the young and extremely talented Allie Weber @robotmakergirl. This amazing young lady spent the weekend with the Digi-Key team at Maker Faire. The weekend started out at Adafruit Industries where we all got a tour then a great interview between Allie and Ladyada. This was only the beginning of the fun!

Off to the event we go. Not only did Allie help set up the Digi-Key booth, she was there to lend a hand to the one and only John Park and his large format Adafruit Metro Express board (which was then displayed in the Digi-Key booth).

Image of World Maker Faire New York 2017

Show-time! We were all sunblocked up and ready for the 90+ degree day in NY when the gates opened and nearly 100,000 people attended the two-day event. A few of the cool displays we had in our booth were: Roadmap Dashboard: We have now launched the Roadmap Dashboard to help Makers and Maker Professionals through the troubling journey of taking their product from concept to production. We all know there are setbacks and many issues that are never thought about. This roadmap should help! We have asked some of our fantastic partners to give their input through each of the 10 steps. The tool will also keep track of what you have read! Check it out now!

Prize Garage: Our friends from Smooth Technology helped bring our concept to a reality by building us a prize garage that well exceeded our expectations. During the show, we had makers of all ages sign up on our website which would then send them a 5-digit code they could enter on the keypad. Twice every hour, randomly, the door would open to the winning code, lights would flash, music would play, and smiles would erupt on the winner’s face to prizes such as Snapchat Spectacles, Beats x Headphones, Adaboxes, Pimoroni kits, and more.

Image of Prize Garage at World Maker Faire New York 2017

We also had cool demos of the Circuit Playground Express, Pimoroni Pi Zero W kits, Sparkfun Shapeoko CNC, Adabox005, the NEW! PocketBeagle, and many more.

Getting ready to take the stage

The Stage was Set! Allie was schedule to give a talk on both Saturday and Sunday. I can’t say enough how amazing this young lady is. She got on stage and rocked it! Standing room only and hundreds more watching the live stream. Talk about an inspiration to so many people! I was lucky enough to be her co-host and talk with her about her different projects and inventions. The contests she has entered and won is pretty cool to see at a young age of 12! We even posed for a crowd Selfie!

Image of Allie set to take the stage!

The booth was completely full all weekend! On Sunday afternoon, we had some pretty cool people stop by. At one point, we had Ladyada (Adafruit), Phil Torone (Adafruit), Shawn Hymel (Sparkfun), Paul Beech (Pimoroni), Allie Weber (Tech-Nic-Allie), Scott Shawcroft (Adafruit), John Park (Adafruit), Tony Dicola (Adafruit), Collin Cunningham (Collin’s Lab), and many more all in our booth at one time. I think people would have paid admission to get inside our booth.

Image of Digi-Key's busy booth at World Maker Faire 2017

Make sure to check out our social media channels to see great images and clips from the event!

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Until Next Year!!

-Kevin Walseth

Technical Marketing Manager

Image of Kevin Walseth