Buck Regulator Hookup Guide Datasheet by SparkFun Electronics

Buck Regulator Hookup Guide
Who doesn't occasionally need power regulation? We certainly do, so we've designed the SparkFun Buck
Regulator Breakout and the SparkFun BabyBuck Regulator Breakout to help us with just such a task.
Starring the AP63203 from Diodes Inc, both breakout boards take advantage of the 2A synchronous buck
converter that has a wide input voltage range of 3.8V to 32V and fully integrated 125mΩ high-side power
MOSFET/68mΩ lowside power MOSFET to provide high-efficiency step-down DC/DC conversion. All of this
snuggled up in a a low-profile, TSOT26 package that's integrated into either a 1x1" or 0.4x0.5" board. For a wide
variety of power management needs - grab yourself a Buck Regulator or Baby Buck Regulator and let's dive in!
SparkFun Buck Regulator Breakout - 3.3V (AP63203)
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Required Materials
To follow along with this tutorial, you will need the following materials. You may not need everything though
depending on what you have. Add it to your cart, read through the guide, and adjust the cart as necessary.
Thermal Tape 4x4" Square
SparkFun BabyBuck Regulator Breakout - 3.3V
Product Showcase: SparkFun Buck & BabyBuck Regulator BreakProduct Showcase: SparkFun Buck & BabyBuck Regulator Break
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SparkFun Buck Regulator Breakout - 3.3V (AP63203)
SparkFun BabyBuck Regulator Breakout - 3.3V (AP63203)
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You will need a soldering iron, solder, and general soldering accessories.
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A, 00000
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-u -c9 -. —'0 ‘ Buck loyal-tor ‘ APS’aOS .— GNDa— m -l I) {an ; .-l,wlr1p mu; 5 0-,: ".f' U PW“ OED _ I“ 0W
nun um"... i Anna: ~-_-’“‘"‘
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