SuperFlash Brochure Datasheet by Microchip Technology

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SuperFlash® Memory Products
High Performance, Low Power Consumption and Superior Reliability
What is SuperFlash?
SuperFlash is an innovative, highly reliable and versatile
type of NOR Flash memory invented by Silicon Storage
Technology (SST). SuperFlash memory is much more
flexible and reliable than competing non-volatile memories.
This technology utilizes a split-gate cell architecture which
uses a robust thick-oxide process that requires fewer
mask steps resulting in a lower-cost nonvolatile memory
solution with excellent data retention and higher reliability.
SuperFlash Advantages
Fast, fixed program and erase times
•     ~ 40 ms vs. more than a minute for 64 Mb
•     Results in improved manufacturing efficiency
and lower costs
No pre-programming or verify required prior to erase
•     Results in significantly lower power consumption
Superior reliability
•     100K cycles and 100 years data retention
Inherent small sector size
•     4KB erase sector vs. 64 KB
•     Results in faster re-write operations and contributes
to lowering overall power consumption
Memory Cell Structure Comparison
icker tunnel
ide reduces
improving dat
retention and
Poly 2
Split Gate
Poly 2
Poly 1
Source Drain
Stacked Gate
(Conventional Flash)
Poly 1
Time Is Money
Fast erase performance improves manufacturing efficiency and lowers product costs!
With stacked gate Flahs, extensive production testing can slow down the manufacturing flow, costing more money.
SuperFlash can lower test and/or programming costs by as much as $0.32 per unit*.
* Based on 64 seconds × US $0.005 per second = US $0.32 per unit. 64 seconds is the typical chip erase time for our competitors’ 64Mb device.
Our 64 Mb device maximum chip erase time is 50 ms.
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Fast Erase Performance Improves Manufacturing
Efficiency and Lower Costs!
Parameter SST38VF640X
64 Mb
Competitor A
64 Mb
Competitor B
64 Mb
Typ Max Typ Max Typ Max
Read 90 ns 90 ns 90 ns
Page Read (Word
in page after
initial access)
25 ns 25 ns 25 ns
Program 7 μs10 μs 60 μs 50 μs
Write Buffer
Programming 28 μs 40 μs
240 μs
240 μs
Erase: Sector
(4 KWord) 18 ms 25 ms N/A N/A N/A N/A
Erase: Block
(32 KWord) 18 ms 25 ms 0.5 sec 3.5 sec 0.5 sec
Erase: Full Chip 40 ms 50 ms 64 sec 128 sec 64 sec 128 sec
* Must use external 12V supply to achieve numbers inside ( ).
Multi-Purpose Flash Plus (MPF+)
Industry-standard program, erase, read flash memory
Flash densities: 4 Mb to 64 Mb
Operating voltage: 2.7V to 3.6V
Temperature Range: 40º C to 85º C
JEDEC standard pin-outs
•     48-lead TSPOP
•     48-ball TFBGA
•     48-ball WFBGA
Hardware Reset Pin (RST#)
Boot block with WP# input pin
Erase suspend/resume
Security ID
•     128 bits factory-programmed + 128 words 
user programmed
Product Family Density
Read Access
Speed Boot Sector Packages
SST39VF401C 4 256K × 16 70 ns Bottom 48/TSOP, 48/TFBGA, 48/WFBGA, 48/XFLGA
SST39VF402C 4 256K × 16 70 ns Top 48/TSOP, 48/TFBGA, 48/WFBGA, 48/XFLGA
SST39VF801C 8 512K × 16 70 ns Bottom 48/TSOP, 48/TFBGA, 48/WFBGA
SST39VF802C 8 512K × 16 70 ns Top 48/TSOP, 48/TFBGA, 48/WFBGA
SST39VF1601C 16 1M × 16 70 ns Bottom 48/TSOP, 48/TFBGA, 48/WFBGA
SST39VF1602C 16 1M × 16 70 ns Top 48/TSOP, 48/TFBGA, 48/WFBGA
SST39VF3201C 32 2M × 16 70 ns Bottom 48/TSOP, 48/TFBGA
SST39VF3202C 32 2M × 16 70 ns Top 48/TSOP, 48/TFBGA
SST38VF6401B 64 4M × 16 70 ns Bottom 48/TSOP, 48/TFBGA
SST38VF6402B 64 4M × 16 70 ns Top 48/TSOP, 48/TFBGA
SST38VF6403B 64 4M × 16 70 ns Bottom* 48/TSOP, 48/TFBGA
SST38VF6404B 64 4M × 16 70 ns Top* 48/TSOP, 48/TFBGA
* All listed devices feature a uniform 32KW block-erase including the boot blocks except for the SST38VF6403B and SST38VF6404B which are non-uniform.
These devices feature 32KW block-erase everywhere except for the boot block sector which is only 4KW block-erase.
Product Cross Reference
Density Mircochip (SST) Spansion Micron/Numonyx Macronix
4 Mbit SST39VF40XC S29AL004D M29W400DB/T MX29LV040C
8 Mbit SST39VF80XC S29AL008J M29W800DB/T MX29LV800C
16 Mbit SST39VF160XC S29AL016J M28W160C/E MX29LV160D/MX29LF161D
32 Mbit SST39VF320XC S29AL032N/S29AL032D M29W320D/E MX29LV320D
64 Mbit ST38VF640XB S29GL064N/S29GL064A M28W064FB MX29GL640E/MX29LV640E