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Table Top - Open Rack
(RRTT Series)
zStandard 19” rack mount, open frame...
zRack mounting, on E.I.A. universal spacing (5/8 - 5/8 -
1/2 inch)
zRound hole punched for 10-32 clip nuts (included)...
zChoice of two heights, 21.0" (12U) or 28.0" (16U)...
zHeavy duty construction, 14 gauge steel...
zSupplied unassembled (four pieces), shipped in a flat
pack container for handling ease & protection...
zIncludes all hardware and four rubber feet...
zRecommended maximum weight (RRTT1928 tested) -
350 pounds (159 kg)...
zRugged powder paint, textured black finish...
Catalog page (1) on this series
Adobe Reader .pdf format (251K)
31375 1m: 'F 4..- r-t—ZJWS (LIN UFSV lama ig H H H g H IRRTT1928BK1|| Aluminum rack panels gPBPA series! panels [PBPS series! gPBFS series! Ventilated & Access Panels gLouvers2 slots, baffles etc.! Doors & Chassis - Panel Mount [Hinged & fixed! g (Panel mount rings, velcro strap panels & guides) !Fixed2 solid & vented! Drawers 1Vertical rail mount! 11582 & 1583 series! 1F ans2 Fan Kits2 Grills & Filters! Cooling Panels gVentilated Panels, Fan Panels & Baffles! Fan Trays !FT series! Mounting hardware !Hardware!
zAluminum rack panels (PBPA series)
zSteel rack panels (PBPS series)
zFormed steel rack panels (PBFS series)
zVentilated & Access Panels (Louvers, slots, baffles etc.)
zDoors & Chassis - Panel Mount (Hinged & fixed)
zCable Organizing (Panel mount rings, velcro strap panels & guides)
zShelves - Panel Mount (Fixed, solid & vented)
zKeyboard Shelves & Drawers (Vertical rail mount)
zRack mount power bars (1582 & 1583 series)
zFans (Fans, Fan Kits, Grills & Filters)
zCooling Panels (Ventilated Panels, Fan Panels & Baffles)
zFan Trays (FT series)
zMounting hardware (Hardware)
Part Number Panel Hei
ht (B) Overall Dimensions Wei
Inches Units Hei
ht (A) Width Base Depth
RRTT1921BK1 21.0 12U 24" (610 mm) 20.375" (518 mm) 12" (305 mm) 19# (8.6 kg)
RRTT1928BK1 28.0 16U 31" (787 mm) 20.375" (518 mm) 12" (305 mm) 21 # (9.5 kg)
Universal Accessories
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RRTT rack cabinet - catalog page (1) - Adobe Reader .pdf format (251K)
rack cabinet accessories - catalog pages (44) - Adobe Reader .pdf format (1,495K)
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