CanStack Vector Part Numbering Datasheet by Portescap

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Our 7.5 or 15 degree actuators drive an integrated threaded screw through the body of the motor via a rotor magnet and threaded nut
assembly to provide linear motion within the machine. Portescap’s CanStack Vectors are available in frame sizes from 20 to 57mm with
various resolutions and deliver from 11 to 121 N of linear force. We also have geared linear actuator units where a built-in gear delivers
higher forces and greater accuracies with resolutions down to a few microns per step. AC synchronous versions are also available.
Portescap will eagerly advise the best actuator choice for your application.
In addition to the advantages of the CanStack Vector technology, Portescap can also help you to take your application to the next level
by exploring even more complex designs to further improve the integration and reduce the total assembly time of your entire motion
system. Our experienced team of design engineers can customize to exceed your motion performance specifications, simplify your
design and develop a “plug and play” integrated actuation system for your machine. For this reason, Portescap is often chosen by many
of today’s leading device manufacturers in the Medical, Lab Automation, HVAC&R and Security & Access industries.
Innovation & Performance
CanStack Vector Designation
20 D A M 10 D 2 U - L
Step angle
A = 15 deg
B = 7.5 deg
Rotor Diameter
M = Medium
L = Large
1 = 5V
2 = 12V
U = Unipolar
B = Bipolar
Linear Actuator
K = Captive
L = Non Captive
Motor Diameter
Magnet Type
B = Ferrite
C = He Ferrite
D = Neodymium
Linear Pitch (IN)
05 = 0.0005
CanStack PM Stepper Linear Movement -
Directly Coupled
Fewer mechanical
Higher performance
Easier to integrate
Less inventory items
Longer machine life
Lower cost of ownership
How to select your Linear Actuator