AUIR2085S Datasheet by Infineon Technologies

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Sept 26, 2014
Automotive Grade
Simple primary side control solution to enable half-
bridge DC-Bus Converters for 48V distributed systems
with reduced component count and board space
Integrated 50% duty cycle oscillator & half-bridge driver
IC in a single SO-8 package
Programmable switching frequency with up to 500kHz
max per channel
+/- 1A drive current capability optimized for low charge
Adjustable dead-time 50ns – 200ns
Floating channel designed for bootstrap operation up to
High and low side pulse width matching to +/- 25ns
Adjustable overcurrent protection
Undervoltage lockout and internal soft start
Leadfree, RoHS compliant
Automotive qualified*
Typical Applications
DC-DC Converters
HEV Auxiliary Converter
Battery Management Converters
Product Summary
Topology Half-Bridge
Io+ & I o- (typical) 1.0A & 1.0A
fOSC (max) 500kHz
Deadtime 50ns – 200ns
HO/LO Pulse Matching +/- 25ns
Package Options
8 - Lead SOIC
Typical Connection Diagram
VBIAS ( 10 V 15 V)
VIN (100 V max)
\nfernotional I£2R Rectifier
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Table of Contents Page
Typical Connection Diagram 1
Description/Feature Comparison 3
Qualification Information 4
Absolute Maximum Ratings 5
Recommended Operating Conditions 5
Dynamic Electrical Characteristics 6
Static Electrical Characteristics 6
Functional Block Diagram 7
Input/Output Pin Equivalent Circuit Diagram 9
Lead Definitions 10
Lead Assignments 10
Package Details 12
Tape and Reel Details 13
Part Marking Information 14
Ordering Information 15
\n‘rernotional IEER Rectifier
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The AUIR2085S is a self oscillating half-bridge driver IC with 50% duty cycle ideally suited for 36V – 75V
half-bridge DC-bus converters.
This product is also suitable for push-pull converters without restriction on input voltage.
Each channel frequency is equal to fOSC, which can be set by selecting RT & CT, as for Fig. 1. Dead-time can
be controlled through proper selection of CT and can range from 50ns to 200ns, as for Fig.2.
Internal soft-start increases the pulse width during power up and maintains pulse width matching for the high
and low outputs throughout the start up cycle.
Typically soft-start duty cycle varies beginning from 5-10% ramping up to about 50% over 1000 cycles.
The AUIR2085S initiates a soft start at power up and after every overcurrent condition. Undervoltage lockout
prevents operation if VCC is less than 7.5V.
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Qualification Information
Qualification Level
(per AEC-Q100)
Comments: This family of ICs has passed an Automotive
qualification. IR’s Industrial and Consumer qualification level
is granted by extension of the higher Automotive level.
Moisture Sensitivity Level SOIC8N MSL3†† 260°C
(per IPC/JEDEC J-STD-020)
ESD Machine Model Class M2 (+/-200V)
(per AEC-Q100-003)
Human Body Model Class H1B (+/-1750V)
(per AEC-Q100-002)
Charged Device Model Class C4 (+/-1000V)
(per AEC-Q100-011)
IC Latch-Up Test Class II, Level B
(per AEC-Q100-004)
RoHS Compliant Yes
Qualification standards can be found at International Rectifier’s web site
†† Higher MSL ratings may be available for the specific package types listed here. Please contact your
International Rectifier sales representative for further information.
\nfernotional I£2R Rectifier
AUIR2085S © 2014 International Rectifier
Recommended Operating Conditions
For proper operation the device should be used within the recommended conditions.
Care should be taken to avoid output switching conditions where the VS node flies inductively below
ground by more than 5V.
Absolute Maximum Ratings
Absolute Maximum Ratings indicate sustained limits beyond which damage to the device may occur. All
voltage parameters are absolute voltages referenced to COM. The thermal resistance and power
dissipation ratings are measured under board mounted and still air conditions.
Symbol Definition Min. Max. Units
VB High side floating supply voltage -0.3 150
VCC Low side supply voltage 25
VS High side floating supply offset voltage VB - 25 VB + 0.3
VHO High side floating output voltage VB - 0.3 VB + 0.3
VLO Low side output voltage -0.3 VCC + 0.3
OSC OSC pin voltage -0.3 VCC + 0.3
S pin voltage -0.3 VCC + 0.3
dVs/dt Allowable offset voltage slew rate 50 V/ns
PD Package power dissipation @ TA 25°C 0.625 W
RthJA Thermal resistance, junction to ambient 200 °C/W
TJ Junction temperature — 150
TS Storage temperature -55 150
TL Lead temperature (soldering, 10 seconds) — 300
Symbol Definition Min. Max. Units
VB High side floating supply voltage VS + 10 VS + 15
VS Steady state high side floating supply offset voltage -5 () 100
VCC Supply voltage 10 15
ICC Supply current 5 mA
RT Timing resistor 10 100 k
CT Timing capacitor 47 470 pF
fosc Operating frequency (per channel) 500 kHz
TA Ambient temperature -40 125 °C
\nfernotional I£2R Rectifier
AUIR2085S © 2014 International Rectifier
Dynamic Electrical Characteristics
VCC = VBS = 12V, CLOAD = 1000pF, and TA = 25°C unless otherwise specified.
Static Electrical Characteristics
VCC = VBS = 12V, CLOAD = 1000pF, and TA = 25°C unless otherwise specified.
Symbol Definition Min Typ Max Units Test Conditions
Turn-on rise time 40 60 ns VS = 0V
tf Turn-off fall time 20 30
fOSC Per channel output frequency 500 kHz CT = 100pF,
RT = 10k
tDT HO/LO output dead time 50
tDCS Overcurrent shut down delay 200 Pulse on CS
PM HO/LO pulse width mismatch -25 25 VS = 0V ~ 100V
Symbol Definition Min Typ Max Units Test Conditions
VOH High level output voltage, VCC or VBS – VO1.5
VOL Low level output voltage 0.1
IIeak Offset supply leakage current 50 µA
IQBS Quiescent VBS supply current 150
IQCC Quiescent VCC supply current 1.5 mA
VCS+ Overcurrent shutdown threshold 250 300 350 mV
VCS- Overcurrent shutdown threshold 150 200 250 mV
VCCUV+ Undervoltage positive going threshold 6.8 7.3 7.8
VCCUV- Undervoltage negative going threshold 6.3 6.8 7.3
VBSUV+ High side undervoltage positive going
threshold 6.8 7.3 7.8
VBSUV- High side undervoltage negative going
threshold 6.3 6.8 7.3
IO+ Output high short circuit current 1.0 A
IO- Output low short circuit current 1.0
\n‘rernotionol IEER Rectifier
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Functional Block Diagram
International Isak Rectifier E E i in 21) an to S w 70 so 50 1W In 2D 1) 4D 50 30 7D 8D no IN I' I'm-I Rf m) Fig 1 Typical Output Fraqumcy (-25% in 125°C) Fig. 2 Typical Dead Tlme (@25°C) ‘50 «so 14o 120 / and run (in) 1m +nnc1=vmf. Emmi) 4nann2n4aaaeoimv2n Imp-m.- Hg 3 Typicd Dead The vs Tameralua
AUIR2085S © 2014 International Rectifier
\n‘rernotional 122R Rectifier Vs Ho EsD Diode Vs EsD Vm mode Lo COM I
AUIR2085S © 2014 International Rectifier
Input/Output Pin Equivalent Circuit Diagrams
\n‘rernotional 122R Rectifier :08 V Vail Zosc é HO:| ZOOM g VSI| |ILO VCCI|
AUIR2085S © 2014 International Rectifier
Lead Definitions
PIN Symbol Description
1 CS Current sense input
2 OSC Oscillator pin
3 COM Logic supply return
4 LO Low side output
5 VCC Logic supply
6 VS Floating supply return
7 HO High side output
8 VB High side floating supply
Lead Assignments
\n‘rernotional IEER Rectifier
AUIR2085S © 2014 International Rectifier
Pin Descriptions
Cs: The input pin to the overcurrent comparator. Exceeding the overcurrent threshold value specified in
“Static Electrical Parameters” Section will terminate output pulses and start a new soft start cycle as soon as
the voltage on the pin reduce below the threshold value.
OSC: The oscillator-programming pin. Only two components are required to program the internal oscillator
frequency: a resistor connected between the VCC pin and the OSC pin, and a capacitor connected from the
OSC to COM. The expected oscillator frequency is shown in Figure 1.
The recommended range of timing resistors RT is between 10k and 100k and range of timing capacitor
CT is between 47pF and 470pF. Timing resistors values less than 10k should be avoided. The value of the
timing capacitor determines the amount of dead time between the two output drivers: lower the CT, shorter
the dead time and vice versa. It is not recommended to use a timing capacitor below 47pF, for best
performance keep the timing components physically as close as possible to the AUIR2085S. Separated
ground and VCC traces to the timing components are encouraged.
COM: Signal ground and power ground for all functions. Due to high current and high frequency operation, a
low impedance circuit board ground plane is highly recommended.
HO, LO: High side and low side gate drive pins. The high and low side drivers can directly drive the gate of a
power MOSFET. The drivers are capable of 1A peak source and sink currents. It is recommended that the
high and low drive pins be very close to the gates of the high side and low side MOSFETs to prevent any
delay and distortion of the drive signals.
VB: The high side power input connection. The high side supply is derived from a bootstrap circuit using a
low-leakage Schottky diode and a ceramic capacitor. To prevent noise, the Schottky diode and bypass
capacitor should be very close to the AUIR2085S.
VS: The high side power return connection. VS should be connected directly to the source terminal of high
side MOSFET with a trace as short as possible.
VCC: The IC bias input connection for the device. Although the quiescent VCC current is very low, total supply
current will be higher, depending on the gate charge of the MOSFETs connected to the HO and LO pins, and
the programmed oscillator frequency, total VCC current is the sum of quiescent VCC current and the average
current at HO and LO. Knowing the operating frequency and the MOSFET gate charge (Qg) at selected VCC
voltage, the average current (including bootstrap function) can be calculated from:
Iave = 2 x Qg X fOSC
To prevent noise problem, a bypass ceramic capacitor connected to VCC and COM should be placed as
close as possible to the AUIR2085S.
AUIR2085S has an under voltage lookout feature for the IC bias supply, VCC. The minimum voltage required
on VCC to make sure that IC will work within specifications must be higher than 8.5V (10V minimum VCC is
recommended to prevent asymmetrical gates signal on HO and LO pins that are expected when VCC is
between 7.5V and 8.5V).
International 122R Rectifier uuzs mol® muss] i j | L ,xmwww - J Lax; » me A@ m NOTES' ‘ DIMENS‘DNING & WDLERANC‘NC FER ANS‘ YMSM—‘LBBZ 2 COHTPOLL‘NG JIMENS‘ON: M‘LLWETE? K DIM"N§\ON§ AW §HCWN W WH‘MFYFR§ [NCHFS] w ms wraxcnmza] ~ ill II III! I L L ! MLWEVERS ”W MN MAX MW MAX I | , E J50 v57 58» :99 L ' WWW , mm H m W m we “I x an m m m OUTLLNE cowows TO JEDEC 0quan MSrO‘ZAA. DLMENSLON DOES Nor NCLUDE MOLD PRDTRUSIONS MOLD PROTRUSLONS N07 m EXCEED 025 [006], @ DLMENSLON ‘3 THE LENGTH or LEAD row SOLDEPWC TO A SJESTPATE 8 Lead SOIC
AUIR2085S © 2014 International Rectifier
Package Details:
\n‘rernotionol IEER Rectifier CARR1ER TAPE D1MEN51ON Meme Code Mm Max Mm Max A 7 90 a 10 0 311 0 315 E 390 A 10 C 11 70 12 30 0 4s 0 434 D 5 45 5 55 0 214 0 215 E 530 5 50 F 510 5 30 G 1 50 n/a 0059 n/a H 1 50 1 e0 4 ‘j i 1 1% g 40 REEL D1MEN51ONS FOR 050 Meme Code Mm Max Mm Max A 329 so 330 2 E 20 95 21 4 C 1250 1320 0503 0515 D 1 95 2 45 E 95 00 102 0 F Na 13 40 n/a 0 724 G 1450 1710 0570 0673 H 12 40 1A 4 www irf com
AUIR2085S © 2014 International Rectifier
Tape and Reel Details:
Code Min Max Min Max
A 7.90 8.10 0.311 0.318
B 3.90 4.10 0.153 0.161
C 11.70 12.30 0.46 0.484
D 5.45 5.55 0.214 0.218
E 6.30 6.50 0.248 0.255
F 5.10 5.30 0.200 0.208
G 1.50 n/a 0.059 n/a
H 1.50 1.60 0.059 0.062
Code Min Max Min Max
A 329.60 330.25 12.976 13.001
B 20.95 21.45 0.824 0.844
C 12.80 13.20 0.503 0.519
D 1.95 2.45 0.767 0.096
E 98.00 102.00 3.858 4.015
F n/a 18.40 n/a 0.724
G 14.50 17.10 0.570 0.673
H 12.40 14.40 0.488 0.566
Metric Imperial
Metric Imperial
lnlernolionol e2 —— Z XXXX *7 IEER Recliller Part number — ASxxxxx Date code 7 AYWW 2 Pin 1 i Identifier . 7 MARKING CODE P Lead Free Released 7 Non-Lead Free Released IR logo Lot Code (Prod mode — 4 digit SPN code) Assembly site code — Per SCOP 200-002
AUIR2085S © 2014 International Rectifier
Part Marking Information
\n‘rernotional IEER Rectifier
AUIR2085S © 2014 International Rectifier
Ordering Information
Base Part Number Package Type Standard Pack Complete Part Number
Form Quantity
AUIR2085S SOIC8 Tube/Bulk 95 AUIR2085S
Tape and Reel 2500 AUIR2085STR
\n‘rernotional IEER Rectifier
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