SMA to SMPM Adapters Datasheet by Cinch Connectivity Solutions Johnson

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SMA to SMPM Adapters
Cinch Connectivity Solutions’ Johnson SMA/SMPM adapters are available in
combinations of plug to plug, plug to jack, and jack to plug, and jack to jack and
are designed for use in most high frequency applications.
All Johnson high frequency connectors and adapters are designed to provide
the highest quality data signal transmission.
VSWR: 1.20 Max DC to 20 GHz
1.25 Max 20-26.5 GHz
Insertion Loss: 0.12 (F) dB max (F in GHz)
Test and Measurement lab equipment
Semiconductor ATE test board
Instrumentation test fixture hardware
Communication and computer networks
Adapters (Between Series)
Part Number Interface Frequency VSWR
134-1001-001 SMA Plug to SMPM Plug
DC to 26.5 GHz 1.20 Max DC to 20 GHz
1.25 Max 20-26.5 GHz
134-1001-002 SMA Plug to SMPM Jack
134-1001-003 SMA Jack to SMPM Jack
134-1001-004 SMA Jack to SMPM Plug