NC191LTA10 Datasheet by Chip Quik Inc.

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Datasheet revision 1.0
Smooth Flow™ Solder Paste No-Clean Sn42/Bi57/Ag1 T4 (10g Syringe)
Product Highlights
Smooth Flow
Developed with a lower density flux vehicle for better
shear spread and improved flow during heating
Printing speeds up to 125mm/sec
Long stencil life, Wide process window
Halogen Free (EN14582 test method)
Clear residue
Low voiding
Excellent wetting compatibility on most board finishes
Dispense grade
Compatible with enclosed print heads
RoHS 3 and REACH compliant
Alloy: Sn42/Bi57/Ag1
Mesh Size: T4
Micron (µm) Range: 20-38
Flux Type: Synthetic No-Clean
Flux Classification: ROL0
Metal Load: 86.75% Metal by Weight
Melting Point: 137°C (279°F)
Packaging: 3cc/10g Syringe
Shelf Life: Refrigerated >12 months, Unrefrigerated >6 months *See notes below:
*Shelf Life Notes: Chip Quik® solder paste is good past its quoted shelf life, regardless of refrigeration. Before use, visually
inspect the solder paste to ensure it is not dried out or clumpy, or check stencil release. If stored in a jar, stir the product
thoroughly for 2-3 minutes before inspection and use.
Chip Quik® solder paste is manufactured using Made in USA high quality synthetic flux and precision atomized metal
powder. Chip Quik® solder paste is guaranteed for 12 months from date of manufacture, regardless of refrigeration. If you
have any issues with our solder paste, please contact Chip Quik® directly for no charge warranty replacement. Please retain
original bill of sale, and solder paste in original container as we may request its return for internal R&D testing purposes.
Printer Operation
Print Speed: 25-125mm/sec
Squeegee Pressure: 70-250g/cm of blade
Under Stencil Wipe: Once every 10-25 prints, or as necessary
Stencil Life
>8 hours @ 20-50% RH 22-28°C (72-82°F)
>4 hours @ 50-70% RH 22-28°C (72-82°F)
Stencil Cleaning
Automated stencil cleaning systems for both stencil and misprinted boards. Manual cleaning using isopropyl alcohol (IPA).
Storage and Handling
Refrigerate at 3-8°C (37-46°F). Do not freeze. Allow 4 hours for solder paste to reach an operating temperature of 20-25°C
(68-77°F) before use.
This product has no shipping restrictions. Shipping below 0°C (32°F) or above 25°C (77°F) for normal transit times by ground
or air will not impact this product’s stated shelf life.
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requ em me as stated Copper Mirror IPC-TM—650: 2.3.32 L: No breakthrough Corrosion IPC-TM—650: 2.6.15 L: No oorrosion Quantitative Halides IPC-TM—650: L: <0.05% electrochemical="" migration="" ipc-tm-650:="""" l:=""><1 decade="" drop="" (no-clean)="" 85%="" rh="" @168="" hours="" tack="" value="" ipc-tm—650:="" 2.4.44="" 349="" (x103mpa/s)="" visual="" ipc-tm-650:="""" clear="" and="" free="" from="" precipitation="" coalition="" (eicc)="" use="" in="" solder="" materials="">
Recommended Profile
Reflow profile for Sn42/Bi57/Ag1 solder assembly, designed as a starting point for process optimization.
Test Results
Test J-STD-004 or other
requirements as stated
Test Requirement Result
Copper Mirror IPC-TM-650: 2.3.32 L: No breakthrou
Corrosion IPC-TM-650: 2.6.15 L: No corrosion
Quantitative Halides IPC-TM-650: L: <0.05%
Electrochemical Mi
ration IPC-TM-650: L: <1 decade drop
Surface Insulation Resistance 85°C,
85% RH
168 Hours
IPC-TM-650: L: ≥100MΩ (No-clean)
Tack Value IPC-TM-650: 2.4.44 34
Viscosity – Malcom @ 10 RPM/25°C
IPC-TM-650: Print: 130-185, Dispense: 105-150
Visual IPC-TM-650: Clear and free from precipitation
Conflict Minerals Compliance Electronic Industry Citizenship
REACH Compliance Articles 33 and 67 of Regulation (EC)
No 1907/2006
Contains no substance >0.1% w/w that
is listed as a SVHC or restricted for
use in solder materials
Conforms to the following Industry Standards:
J-STD-004B, Amendment 1 (Solder Fluxes): Yes
J-STD-005A (Solder Pastes): Yes
J-STD-006C, Amendments 1 & 2 (Solder Alloys and Fluxed/Non-Fluxed Solders): Yes
RoHS 3 Directive (EU) 2015/863: Yes
2 © 1994-2020 Chip Quik® Inc.
25°C (77°F)0sec
90°C (194°F)
130°C (266°F)
137°C (279°F)
165°C (329°F)
90sec 180sec 210sec 240sec 270sec