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Tip Tinner
96.5% Tin / 3.5% Silver
Tip Tinner is a mixture of solder powder and thermally stable, oxide-reducing
compounds. Used to repair oxidized soldering tips for optimal performance and for
extending the working life of new soldering tips.
Features / Benefits
zRoHS Compliant
zEasy to use
zEffective at repairing oxidized iron tips
zProlongs the life of new iron tips
z96.5% Tin / 3.5% Silver
Typical Applications
Use to clean and re-tin iron tips.
Application Method
While maintaining soldering iron at operating temperature, roll or wipe soldering iron tip
over the surface of Tip Tinner for a few seconds until soldering tip is evenly tinned.
Remaining residue after tinning can be readily removed by wiping with a wet sponge.
Available Sizes
Catalog Number Sizes Available Description
4910-28G 28g (1 oz) Tip tinner
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