750110007 Datasheet by Würth Elektronik

CUSTOMEF TERMINAL ROHS LEAD(Ph‘,rFREE mvlrum 5765". AgAX Yes Yes MWKEMIDCDM uL ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS @ 25°C unless otherwise noted: cum: .on MAX. ,ssa MAX. PARAMETER TEST coNDITIoNS VALUE ””1 [9“] n.c RESISTANCE I72 mm D. an Dhms max D2; I I II 1; “mm 3] D c RESISTANCE 374 @20c 0350 ohms max -'E3 533* ‘WHMDCW DIIIUCTANCE I72 InkI—Iz, 100mm, Ls snuII min Di: I I: ‘I‘ i f I :U DIELECTRIC I74 375mm. I secnnd BOUDVAC, 1 mInuLe TURNS RATIO (473) (172) 1571, 117. pm LDCAYES YERM. 3. J / SURGE TEST EkV' Peak 12 X SDuS L TENN No. x m REF. ONLY m can: A DAY: can: J .325 [3-16] GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS .ozsu) DesIgned In Comyly mm the Inllumng reqmremems as defined by IRcsossurII r‘ [-54] MW) EN5095071, ULSOSSOrl/CSAEDQSOrl and AS/NZSSOSSOI L J: ['75] 7 Supplementary Insnlnlmn Iar a primary mum. at u workmg voltage of zsnwms C mu) we) [1541Ti [I 22] <2 (s:="" t="" ,i,i,§}t="" recunnendeu="" land="" layouy/="" tnssu)="" [1.55]="" terminal="" m="" uinensions="" ohsydmer="" to="" duermine="" land="" size="" rev="" date="" agency="" number="" 55="" io/oa="" ul="" code="" eb="" ea="" 9/07="" eileii="" [205930="" pockaqmq="" sveciiicotions="" toiemnces="" umess="" othermse="" speciiied="" drawing="" title="" pm="" no="" .="" aan55="" 11'="" demmu‘s="" 2.005="" mg;="" mihd.t="" «(ri="" i="" md:="" a="" res—0074;”="" 9‘="" emcuons="" 11/54="" fnotprmt="" 1.005="" transformer="" mw="" mmwmflmwmi="" a="" 750110007="" mw="" midtumrmtcam="" tnis="" druwmg="" is="" :1qu="" dimensioned="" dimensidns="" in="" srackeis="" are="" in="" miiimeim="" eisds="" p/n="" 750110007="" see="" revision="" sheet="" for="" revision="" lei/el="" i="" specification="" sheet="" i="" or="" i="">