1432793-1 Drawing Datasheet by TE Connectivity Potter & Brumfield Relays

PART NO, - , ‘ SHT: I —_ 1E TE Connectlwty CUSTOM ER DATA I432793—I or 2 DRAWN APPROVAL DATE "RSLDRAWN SCALE CUSTOMER E.SIMPSON B_ TOWER 05—26—05 I:I TYCO,ELECTRONICS,STANDARD TOLERANCE O.>< :="" +/7="" {3-="" changes="" unless="" o.xx="+;T" @="" rev.="" date="" co="" app,="" specified="" o.xxx="+" —="" 7="" ,="" otherw‘se="" angles="" :="" +/7="" \="" oaoct20i6ecr="" i6="" 014229="" bit.="" do="" not="" scale="" this="" drawing="" aognovzow="" ec07177003787="" b.t.="" not="" to="" be="" us="" coil="" data:="" ed="" in="" automotive="" applications="" or="" applications="" requiring="" ppap="" and/or="" imds="" documentation="" electrical="" characteristics:="" (all="" data="" applies="" @="" 23c="" unless="" otherwise="" specified)="" nominal="" voltage:="" operate="" voltage:="" release="" voltage:="" coil="" resistance:="" operate="" time:="" release="" time:="" temperature="" range:="" contact="" data:="" 12="" vdc="" 7.8="" vdc="" maximum="" 1.2="" vdc="" minimum="" 90="" ohms="" +/—="" ioz="" io="" msec.="" maximum="" excluding="" bounce="" 13="" msec.="" maximum="" excluding="" bounce="" operating="" *40‘c="" to="" +85'c="" (contact="" data="" is="" formatted="" n,o./n.c.)="" contact="" arrangement:="" contact="" material:="" contact="" millivolt="" drop:="" maximum="" make="" current:="" maximum="" brea="" k="" current:="" maximum="" continuous="" current:="" initial="" breakdown="" current="" expected="" life:="" mechanical="" characteristics:="" expected="" life:="" terminals="" 1="" form="" c="" (srdt)="" agsno="" (silver="" tin—oxide)="" zoomv="" @="" 35a="" on="" no.="" contacts="" eafter="" switching="" 250mv="" @="" 20a="" on="" n.c.="" contacts="" after="" switching="" 90a/30a="" (lamp)="" @="" i6="" vdc="" ada/30a="" @="" i6="" vdc="" resistive="" 40a/30a="" @="" 23'c="" ,="" 35a/20a="" @="" 85‘c="" 500v="" rms="" contacts="" to="" coil="" io0,000="" operations.="" 40="" a,="" 14="" vdc="" resistive="" on="" normally="" open="" contact="" 10="" million="" operations,="" no="" contact="" load="" copper,="" unplated="">
- ‘ . PART No. SHT, 2 —_ 1E TE Connectwlty CUSTOMER DATA 14327934 or 2 DRAWN APPROVAL DATE FIRSIJRAWN SCALE CUSTOMER ESIMPSON B. TOEPFER 05—26—05 T:‘I TYCOEELECTRONICSESTANDARD TOLERANCE 0.x : +/— EH- UNLESS O.XX = +/7 @ REV D SPECIFIED 0.XXX = +/— OTHERWISE ANGLES : +/7 DO NOT SCALE THIS DRAWING MILLIMETERS MARKING TO INCLUDE: <15.3:025+ tyco="" electronics="" name,="" tyco="" electronics="" part="" number,="" schematic,="" coil="" voltage,="" country="" of="" origin,="" and="" date="" code="" a="" mum="" sjmax="" i="" ”="" 135:05="" 26.5max="" i="" mama="" a45max="" 11.5max="" ,="" i="" i="" \="" amass="" a="" —="" 5x¢1.7:0.25="" sxwo‘dsaf="" 1="" *="" terminal="" locations="" main-1="" apply="" at="" the="" base="" a="" ‘\="" 86(+)="" of="" the="" terminals="" '="" _,\7="" $="" '="" e="" i,=""><7265max4> «—‘17.9tuT25—» é "I ‘azuas 30 7 ‘IIB7IZ ZX Er; ‘?' 85(—) III SchemaIIc Drawing “63,03 ‘3 E V O 26.5MAX (Bolton vicvxs) 86 NOT TO BE USED IN AUTOMOTIVE APPLICATIONS OR APPLICATIONS REQUIRING PPAP AND/OR IMDS DOCUMENTATION ‘8T410.25* <—>