MINI-CL4-20 Datasheet by Texmate

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Texmate, Inc. Tel. (760) 598-9899 • www.texmate.comMINI-CL4-20 Data Sheet (d0065) Page 1
General Features
0.01% Super Accurate
Loop powered
Mini meter
3 1/2 Digit 0.276” (7mm) LED
The Texmate MINI-CL4-20 is a miniature loop
powered LED digital panel meter. The small size is an
advantage especially in the process industry where
space is often critical.
The MINI-CL4-20 is designed also for OEM's in
the medical and scientific instrument field where small
size and exceptional performance are important. This
meter, although small, is very advanced and uses all
surface mount technology.
The MINI-CL4-20 comes standard 0 to 1000 full
scale. It can be factory scaled to read output in any
engineering unit from 0 to 1999. No decimal point is
set on the standard meter, but one may be specified
when ordering.
Loop Drop: ................. Approximately 7V
Accuracy: ................... 0.01% of reading, ± 1 count.
Connection: ................ Meter is supplied with matching
8-pin male connector. Leads exit
Warm Up Time: .......... 2 minutes
Display:....................... 0.276” (7mm), Red, Green or Blue LED
Sample Rate: .............. 1/second
Decimal Point: ........... No decimal point set on std. meter. If
decimal point is required, specify at
time of order.
Power Supply: ........... No separate power supply is required.
The meter is powered from the
4-20mA current loop.
Operating Temperature
: . -10 to 60 ˚C. Typical max 50ppm
for 75%.
Temperature Coefficient
: ±100ppm / ˚C
Storage Temperature: . -20 to 70 ˚C
Relative Humidity: ..... 95% (non-condensing)
Case Dimensions: ..... 1.38”Wx0.5”Hx1.77”D (35x12.7x45mm)
Front Bezel 1.46”x0.59” (37x15mm)
Panel cutout 1.38”x0.5” (35x12.7mm)
Weight: ....................... 0.64 oz (19gms)
Special Scaling
The following ranges are available by ordering part number
ZSMINI420for special scaling from the factory. Other ranges
on request.
0-200 0-360 0-700 0-1250
0-250 0-500 0-800 0-1500
0-300 0-600 0-900 0-1750
4-20mA Wire Out
4-20mA Wire In
Typical Application Connections
The MINI-CL4-20 is internally connected
and factory calibrated for current loop
measurement. To connect the meter to
the user's system, two wires are required.
Connect the 4-20mA In wire on the first
pin marked "+", and connect the 4-20mA
Out wire on the last pin marked "-".
Applications for 4-20mA input include pressure,
temperature, level, flow and other process measurements.
OEM Applications include CATV systems, medical and
scientific instruments, SCADA and wastewater systems.
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Texmate, Inc. Tel. (760) 598-9899 • www.texmate.comMINI-CL4-20 Data Sheet (d0065) Page 2
DVM Case Dimensions and Panel Cutouts
(36.8mm )
For panel thickness
over 0.16" (4mm)
Mounting Clip Holes
Mounting Clip
Hi-brightness Adjust
(Internal Dimming)
(35mm )
(35.5mm )
(12.6mm) 0.54"
Loose Fitting
Snug Fitting
Push Mounting clip
0.23” (6mm)
Maximum Thickness
Ordering Information
Standard Options for this Model Number
Part Number Description
MINI-CL4-20 ............ 3.5 digit Red LED, Loop Powered, 4-20mA input (1000) ...
(Specify Inputs or Outputs & Req. Reading
ZSMINI420 ....... Special Scale change .............................
Many other options and accessories are available. Visit www. for more details.
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MINI Series, mini size and mighty performance
MINI-5VDIM .............. 3.5 digit Red LED, 5VDC Power, 2/20/200 VDC, Dimmable
MINI-CL4-20 ............ 3.5 digit Red LED, Loop Powered, 4-20mA input (1000)