EES Brochure Datasheet by GradConn

Making sure GradConn products go through rigorous testing is _ ' 1 I ~‘ ‘3 our commitment that you receive connectors and cable ' '5‘ (-‘J -. assemblies of the highest quality and perform flawlessly for your .,_ ' ‘ l‘ application a _ . . _'.‘ . r. ‘ R " ~ The Nautilus range of IP rated coaxial connectors and assemblies ' ‘ s _ ' ‘ ' , . a ~ - but how does it perform over an extended period out in the field? .11: ’ ' 3 n \ ‘ Working closely with independent test labs, GradConn's _ . ‘ 'fi . . engineering team has developed a test plan to 1- - _ . ‘ .Theaimisto u 3-. " demonstrate Nautilus SMA Cable Assemblies ' ‘ .7. when subject to various environmental conditions, The tests are designed with the aim of replicating five years usage in the field based on accelerated life testing, . . 1 .- . . EES consists of four core tests: 1) Electrical Performance ZJSalt Spray 3)IP)<7 testing="" 4]thermal="" shock="" all="" tests="" are="" the="" field,="" conducted="" to="">
EES Test Overview Four key paramelers were Ies1ed allreauencies 1st, 26H: and SSH: and passed all requirements well wllhin specificalian: - lnsenian loss— Tesling ensures lhanhe loss of slgnal power as illravels lhrauaha campanenl or svs1emis <0.bde impeamce="" _="" to="" avoid="" slanal="" relleerlans,="" an="" lrnpedance="" al="" al="" iecsl="" 45.55="" ohm="" is="" required.="" iirelained="" between="" 51.9523="" ohms="" 4mm="" lhe="" resrs,="" vswn="" nonage="" slanding="" wwe="" ratio)="" e="" damage="" lo="" equiprnenl="" and="" dislarllans="" may="" accur="" lf="" vswr="" is="" no.="" 45="" relum="" loss—="" ensurelhe="" relleeed/relumed="" s‘lgnal="" ppwerla="" «resourcernusr="" be="">15dB Thermal shock resrs ensure Nuufl lus SMA canneclars and cable assembl‘les srill aperare elreclwely when subjecr ra rapid llucluahans ln lemperalure Ideal lpr devices deployed cm in he held or slmply due la pradua aperalian in mare exlrerne lemaeralure applicallans. Samplesare placed in a lherrnal shock lesl chamber subjeclto allernallna lemaeralures al 7401: and BS'C lar 30 mlnule perlads each Temperamre lransfer llrne took s10 secands lar 100 cycles The lesl resulls shawed ha slanllicanl chanaeln perrarmance .r. ' r: ‘ ’ ‘ s . - \‘ 9 e— 1) Electrlcnl ‘ I o - 'c 5* - Performance 5 ~ ‘ be Imprsfimne (fl Insenlmhelumlm " w , “12mm _ ‘ o ‘. . ‘ \ ‘ - 2 Thermal ‘ g 4) 1PX7 TesIs ’ Shock ngreslsflmce lmh mg area . measles, . ‘ ‘ o '- . . . ‘ ' ‘ 1,80" . All leslscycledfive b - “ mega . .‘ Iimesmsimulale ,‘. ' . ' amt,“ , “mm ._ There are aalenlial aaallcallanslhal may subjecl Naulllus to law levels al sall spray and were lncaraarared wilh lhe ESS pracess As a core lealure lar Naulilus, lhe wareraraal aerlarrnance musl be besl ln class. We lesl to 1pm and weeds slandard, A; lhe mas1 papular Naulilus lype in lhe range, il was a areal chancela showSMA IP capabillliesayer pralanaed periods. Samples were placed la a lesr chamberand sublecledla a sull solulian of 5%NaCl and ph 6-5771 applied for 100 hcurs. A canneclar maunled an an enclosure was lesled la IP><7 up="" '01meler="" under="" waler="" for="" 30="" minutes="" resulls="" lrom="" lhe="" lesl="" exhibited="" salt="" depus‘lls="" formed="" on="" lhe="" canneclarsurlace="" as="" expecled,="" bul="" d‘ld="" nal="" inlerlere="" wlih="" lhe="" eleclrieal="" aerlarmanceal="" lhe="" canneclar="" as="" ll="" was="" sll="" ll="" wllhin="" specilicallan.="" 1px7lesllng="" was="" successful="" as="" lhere="" was="" na="" waler="" lnlmslan="" wllhin="" lhe="" sample="" and="" enclasure.="" g="" adconn="" ’="" grodcom="" nautilus="" extended="" environmemul="" simulmlon="" www="" grudconn="" corn="">
° °
EES Summ ‘ ‘ Are Nautilus Assemblies tested to EES the right choice for me? ” The Nautilus range oi connectors and assemblies already pmvidean excellent level olenvimnmental protection Ior RF applications. By completing a series oi extended Ille tests, you can be confident that the SMA Nautilus variants can also operate ellectively in aver prolonged periods with little/no impact lrom the environment on the performance. lfyourappllcationrequiresatleasioneofthelollowingleotures ihe NautilusSMAconnecchandcableassemblyapiionsaregoadoptians. Salt spray resistance Subjectto rapidly changing temperature environments . Prolonged exposure to water contact A “titrandrtorget' connection which requires little/no maintenance EES Test Detail I—II' on a Nautilus EES Cable How can I get my hands’“ I” assembly? I Currently, sum variants of the Nautilus range havegone lhmugh IheEES proaess,butlhere are plansto applytheenhanced environmenial simulation process acrossthe broader range. ‘2 meat: full range of Nautilus GHA ‘ :2 § “ in rmmionon Nautilus an M‘n also found an theGradConn Nautilgs Pag'g , Alimited selection is also available on war immediaiedispaich. GradCann Nautilus Extended Environmental Simulation www grudcann com
Test Type Test Standard Methodology Example Device Under
Test/Equipment Images
Parameters & Results from Cycle 5
(Full test reports available on requests)
Implement 2-port full calibration of the device
under test (DUT) with a Vector Network
Analyser (VNA), firmly locking the SMA
connectors into both sides of the DUT.
Activate measurement function and select
response menu for all S-Parameters.
Salt Spray BS EN 60068-2-
Device under test consisting of a mounted
connector on an enclosure is placed within a
salt spray chamber. Test conditions as follows:
1) Temperature of the chamber 35°C
2) Temperature of the saturation 47°C
3) Salt Solution: 5%NaCl (by weight)
4) Volume of salt solution collected
5) Test duration: 100 hours
BS EN 60068-2-
Device under test consisting of a mounted
connector on an enclosure is placed within a
Thermal shock test chamber. Test conditions
as follows:
1) Low temperature -40°C, dwell time 30mins
2) High temperature 85°C dwell time 30mins
3) Transfer time ≤10 seconds between
4) Number of cycles: 100
IPX7 IEC 60529:2013 Device under test consisting of a mounted
connector on an enclosure is placed within a
waterproof grade testing machine.
The sample is submerged 1000mm below the
surface of the water at its lowest point for 30
Parameters 1GHz 2GHz 3GHz
Insertion Loss
(dB) 0.385 0.392 0.478 <0.8dB
(0hm) 47.717 51.914 51.193 45-55
VSWR 1.039 1.045 1.085 <1.5
Return Loss (dB)
32.886 32.066 27.796 >15dB
Criterion Test Result (Visual Inspection)
No corrosion should be found
sample surface after test
No obvious corrosion was found on
the metal terminals of the sample
surface after test
Criterion Test Result (Visual Inspection)
No significant change should be
found on sample surface after test
No significant change was found on
the metal terminals of the sample
surface after test
Criterion Test Result (Visual Inspection)
No water intrusion
No water invaded the inside of the