MOD-CH101-03-01 Brief Datasheet

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MOD_CH101 Product Brief
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Document Number: PB-000074
Revision: 1.0
Release Date: 09/30/2019
The MOD_CH101 sensor module is designed for rapid integration of
Chirp’s CH-101 ultrasonic Time-of-Flight (ToF) range sensor into
customer enclosures. It is especially useful for prototyping and small-
scale production in applications that are not extremely space
constrained. The module’s electronic interface is via a standard 8-pin
flat flex cable (FFC) connector. The module includes an acoustic
housing that determines the CH-101 sensor’s field-of-view. The
MOD_CH101-03-01 sensor module includes an omnidirectional
acoustic housing with a 0.7 mm diameter acoustic port and a 5.3 mm
outer diameter.
MOD_CH101-03-01 8x8x3.57 PCBA 1-Hole
RoHS and Green-Compliant Package
Figure 1. Front view of CH-101 sensor module with
omnidirectional housing (P/N MOD_CH101-03-01)
Augmented and Virtual Reality
Drones and Robotics
Mobile and Computing Devices
Obstacle avoidance
Printers and Scanners
Proximity sensing
Presence detection: always-on sensing to
lock/unlock and power on/off notebooks, tablets,
white goods, etc.
Smart Home
Fast, accurate range-finding
Operating range from 4cm to 1.2m
Sample rate up to 100 samples/sec
1.0 mm RMS range noise at 30 cm range
Programmable modes optimized for medium
and short-range sensing applications
Customizable Field-of-View (FoV) up to 180°
Multi-object detection
Works in sunlight and any other lighting
Insensitive to object color, detects optically
transparent surfaces like glass windows
Easy to integrate
Single sensor for receive and transmit
Single 1.8V supply
I²C Fast-Mode compatible interface, data rates
up to 400 kbps
Dedicated programmable range interrupt pin
Platform-independent software driver enables
turnkey range-finding
Miniature integrated module
Low-power micro-controller running advanced
ultrasound firmware
Operating temperature range: -40 to 85°C
Ultra-low supply current
1 sample/s:
o 13 µA (10 cm max range)
o 15 µA (1.0 m max range)
30 samples/s:
o 33 µA (10 cm max range)
o 130 µA (1.0 m max range)
Host Interface: I2C at up to 400 kbps
Single Supply voltage: 1.8V ±5%
RoHS and Green compliant