200MSP1T2B2M6RE Drawing Datasheet by E-Switch

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SHEET OF 2 Com 0 1 J CIRCUIT: SPDT SWITCH FUNL‘ TIUN Fax, 1 Pas, 2 P05, 3 UN NUNE [IN 2—3 UFEN 271 NOTES: 1. ALL DIMENSIONS IN MM .U‘f‘P‘ .N GENERAL TOLERANCE: X.X x.x =£o.25 TERM‘ NOS. FOR REF. ONLY CONTACT RATING: 0.4(VA) @20v max. (AC or dC) FIXED TERMINAL .5: MOVING CONTACT: ELECTRIC LIFE: 30.000 make-and-break cycles Copper AIloy w/Gold plate over NICkeI pIaIe‘ at fulI load, INSULATION RESISTANCE: 1,000 M ohm min, DIELECTRIC STRENGTH: 1.000 V RMS @sea Ievel, OPERATING TEMP.: —30‘C to 85C 559* PDS, 3 FL \_ PETS. 2 — 25'—-:C I/ P05, 1 4.93 I H ETLDGD UN EIPPDSITE SIDE «0.51 {pa (2)2544f SVITCH SUPPDRTi 0.4T THK: 4,01% $109 HDLE (5 PI.) \T _I 254 Typ 5‘087 TI 4—‘ 5.08 If RECUMMENDED P.C.B LA YDUT xy Seat 70.51 F330 5.05 «0‘76 Typ TNT 123 7, «0.5I Typ R254 Typ 14465 CURPECT ACTUA TUE LENGTH E-J'fl’lfé'l/® 11/8/04 AP ”~50er 5» 12325 REVISED AND REDRAVN 7/23/02 CJB REV. ECN N0. HESCRIPTIUN DA TE EHKD EOOMS P1 TEBEMé/PE THE mama mm comma m M: mmm IS WHITNEY m pry/1T5” AND IS NUT m If canal an murmm DATE 7/83/08 DR CJB nus REV 7211001

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