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IChemtronics® Technical Data Sheet —
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Typical Product Data and Physical Properties
Flash Point (TCC): 61ºF / 16ºC
Specific Gravity: 0.81
Appearance Clear, colorless liquid
Solubility in Water Soluble
Evaporation Rate: <1
(ether =1)
Percent Volatile 100%
Shelflife 2 years
RoHS Compliant Yes
*Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) information is calculated on a weight basis
using the VOC definition of California Air Resources Board (CARB) Consumer
Product Regulations, South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD)
Rule 102 and the Federal definition published in 40 CFR 51.100(s).
IPA Presaturated Wipes
Product# SIP91P, SIP125P91
Product Description
IPA Presaturated Wipes remove solder paste, inks and other
contaminants. These highly effective cleaning wipes are ideal
for all general cleaning applications. In addition, IPA
Presaturated Wipes are well suited for touch-up cleaning of
automatic printer stencils and cleaning of semi-automatic
printer stencils during and at the end of production runs.
IPA Presaturated Wipes contain ultra-pure Electronics Grade
IPA. The wipes are available in a convenient dispensing tub
for stencil and screen cleaning applications.
§ Plastic Safe
§ Lint free
§ RoHS Compliant
§ Quick drying formula
§ Flammable
§ Regular Cleaning Strength
§ Upper Ozone Safe; CFC/HCFC Free
Typical Applications
IPA Presaturated Wipes are engineered for cleaning:
§ Screens & Stencils
§ Fiber Optics & Connectors
§ Cables
§ Hard-line Coax Cable
§ Metal & Fiber Optic Cable Splices
§ PC Boards
§ Control System
Technical Data Sheet IChemtronics‘
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SIP91P Wipes presaturated with 91% IPA and 9%
deionized water, (100/tub)
SIP125P91P Wipes presaturated with 91% IPA and 9%
deionized water, (125/tub)
Environmental Impact Data
CFC 0.0%
HCFC 0.0%
CL Solv. 0.0%
VOC 91%
HFC 0.0%
ODP 0.0%
CFC, HCFC, CL. SOLV., VOC, and HFC numbers shown are the content by
weight. Ozone depletion potential
(ODP) is determined in accordance with the Montreal Protocol and U.S. Clean
Air Act of 1990. The ODP of this product is zero.
Technical and Application Assistance
Chemtronics provides a technical hotline to answer your
technical and application related questions.
The toll free number is: 1-800-TECH-401.
This information is believed to be accurate. It is intended for
professional end users having the skills to evaluate and use the
data properly. CHEMTRONICS does not guarantee the
accuracy of the data and assumes no liability in connection
with damages incurred while using it.
Usage Instructions
For industrial use only. Read SDS carefully prior to use.
General cleaning: Wipe surfaces thoroughly to remove
Stencil cleaning: Wipe away residual solder paste until
surface is thoroughly cleaned. Repeat with a clean wipe to
remove any trace contaminants.