M12 PCB Connectors 8/12 Pin Datasheet by TE Connectivity AMP Connectors

M12 PCB/Panel Connectors 8/12Pin
TE Connectivity extends its M12 connector portfolio with 8 and 12 positions for direct
mounting onto PCBs and panels to complement field-installable connector and
cable assembly solutions. The new plug-in PCB connectors are easy to install and
help to increase production efficiency and decrease installation cost for installers in
industrial automation, machinery, industrial ethernet, sensors, and other areas where
IP67 protection is needed. The high pin density on the 12-pin connector, in particular,
provides customers with a very compact design. Adding this product series to our
portfolio allows us to better serve our customers and accommodate their needs for
higher signal and data transmission in harsh industrial environments.
• Compact design with high density connection
• Plug-&-Play mating for easy and fast installation
• Quick and reliable connection for PCB and panel mount
• Available for 8 & 12 positions
• IP67 with dust-tightness and water-proof for at least 1m
• Machinery
• Automation Integration
• Vision System
• Semiconductor manufacturing
• Factory automation machines
• Seal Rating: IP67 (When fully mated)
• Operating Temperature: -40 to 85°C
• Durability: 100 cycles
• Voltage: 30V(AC/DC)
• Rated Current:
- 2.0A for 8 pin
- 1.5A for 12 pin
• M12 Body: Copper Alloy
• M12 Housing: Nylon
• Contact: Copper Alloy
• Product Specification: 108-106140
• Application Specification: 114-137144
• IEC 61076-2-101
• UL 2238
M12 A-coding Solder Wire
TEP Poles Mounting Type
T4130012081-000 8 Rear Male
T4132012081-000 8 Front Male
T4130012121-000 12 Rear Male
T4132012121-000 12 Front Male
TEP Poles Mounting Type
T4131012081-000 8 Rear Female
T4133012081-000 8 Front Female
T4131012121-000 12 Rear Female
T4133012121-000 12 Front Female
M12 A-coding Solder PCB
TEP Poles Mounting Type
T4140012081-000 8 Rear Male
T4142012081-000 8 Front Male
T4140012121-000 12 Rear Male
T4142012121-000 12 Front Male
TEP Poles Mounting Type
T4141012081-000 8 Rear Female
T4143012081-000 8 Front Female
T4141012121-000 12 Rear Female
T4143012121-000 12 Front Female
M12 A-coding 0.2m Wire
TEP Poles Mounting Type
T4171020008-001 8 Rear Male
T4171220008-001 8 Front Male
T4171030012-001 12 Rear Male
T4171230012-001 12 Front Male
TEP Poles Mounting Type
T4171120008-001 8 Rear Female
T4171320008-001 8 Front Female
T4171130012-001 12 Rear Female
T4171330012-001 12 Front Female
M12 PCB/Panel Connectors 8/12Pin
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