JACK-L-PC-10A-RA(R) Drawing Datasheet by GlobTek, Inc.

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By N.Frost at 8:58 am, Mar 28, 2018
Thermal Design for High Current PCB-Mount Barrel Jacks
GlobTek Inc. 2019
The below information pertains to the following GlobTek parts:
GlobTek’s JACK-L-PC-10A-RA(R) and JACK-C-PC-10A-RA(R) jacks carry a 10A continuous current
rating, allowing a high current connection to be made directly to the target PCB. The contacting
interface in an electrical connection is never perfect, leading to an equivalent contact resistance
at the junction of the male and female connectors.
Robust connectors, like GlobTek’s 10A PCB-mount jacks, have low values of contact resistance.
Even so, at high operating currents, this resistance is not negligible and causes heating in the
connector. Operating the connector at excessive temperatures can cause damage to the
connector, the PCB, and poses a potential safety risk.
Therefore, it is important to assess whether additional measures are required to keep the jack at
a safe operating temperature. The main contributing factors are:
1. Ambient temperature
2. Maximum continuous current
The most straight-forward approach is to provide heatsinking via additional PCB copper area
near the connector. This increased surface area allows for better cooling via natural convection.
The required copper area depends largely on the the application.
GlobTek produced a thermal evaluation board to test the effectiveness of PCB heatsinking in this
application. (Image shown on next page.) Using the smallest PCB area (22.0 x 28.0mm on front
and back sides), testing showed that it was possible to pass 10A through the connector, at 55°C,
with no degradation to the connector during a 24 hour test. Under these conditions, the
connector center pin temperature, reaches just over 130°C. Therefore, if using GlobTek’s jacks in
a similar scenario, it is important to consider the maximum operating temperature of the PCB.
Use of a 130°C minimum operating temperature rated board is required.
If using GlobTek’s PCB-mount barrel jacks with a higher ambient temperature, 85°C for example,
the following solutions may be applied:
1. Increased PCB copper area (especially on higher resistance center pin plane)
2. Increased copper thickness
3. Increased PCB operating temperature rating
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Above: GlobTek Thermal Evaluation Board for JACK-L-PC-10A-RA(R) and JACK-C-PC-10A-RA(R)
Copper thickness: 2oz (0.071mm)
Sample PCBs for customer thermal evaluation are available upon customer request to
GlobTek, a small service charge may be applied.
Please note, the sample PCB has options for 3 different copper areas. The 22 x 28mm
copper area evaluation board, has been tested under various conditions, see following page for
thermal data. The largest board on the bottom, has approximately twice the copper area.
TestconditionA 
CONNECTORP/NAmbientTempLoadTotalHoursCENTERPin_Highesttempreading SHELL_Highesttempreading
TestconditionB 
CONNECTORP/NAmbientTempLoadTotalHoursCENTERPin_Highesttempreading SHELL_Highesttempreading
TestconditionC 
CONNECTORP/NAmbientTempLoadTotalHoursCENTERPin_Highesttempreading SHELL_Highesttempreading
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