VITA 46 MULTIGIG RT Brochure Datasheet by WEC

ETyco Electronics Our commitment.Your advantage
Tyco Electronics’ MULTIGIG RT product is
a backplane interconnect family that offers
levels of flexibility and customization. This
printed circuit based, pinless, interconnect
family is comprised of modular components,
which can be used in a variety of combina-
• Aerospace and Defense
Mass data storage
High-end and mid-range servers
Telecommunications equipment
10 Gbps performance
Differential, Single-ended and Power
Customizable impedance matched
printed circuit wafer interface
Backplane connector system with
“pinless” interface
Superior crosstalk performance
Optimized footprints for signal integrity
and ease of board design
Utilizes a 0.56 [.022] diameter via for
backplane connector for lower cost
board fabrication
Three levels of signal contact sequencing
Modular connector system
Available for 20.30 [.800] or 25.40 [1.00]
card pitch systems
Complete connector family includes…
- Power Modules
- Guidance Modules
- Cable Assemblies planned
Product Specification: 108-2072
Application Specification: 114-13056
Technical Support
USA: 1-800-522-6752
Canada: 1-905-470-4425
UK: 44-1908-574289
Japan: 81-44-844-8013
Products for VITA 46 (VPX)
VITA 46 6U ETyco Electronics Our commitment.Your advantage
MULTIGIG RT Connector Products for VITA 46 (VPX) Standard
Location Used On Part Number Description
J0 3U & 6U 1410186-1 RT-2, BP, Left End, 8 Columns
J1 3U & 6U 1410140-1 RT-2, BP, Center, 16 Columns
J2 3U & 6U 1410142-1 RT-2, BP, Right End, 16 Columns
J3 6U only 1410140-1 RT-2, BP, Center, 16 Columns
J4 6U only 1410140-1 RT-2, BP, Center, 16 Columns
J5 6U only 1410140-1 RT-2, BP, Center, 16 Columns
J6 (or J5 or J4)* 6U only 1410142-1 Rt-2, BP, Right End, 16 Columns
P0 3& & 6U 1410189-1 RT-2, 7 Row, DC, Left End, 8 Column, Mixed S-E, Diff, Power
P1 3U & 6U 1410187-3 RT-2, 7 Row, DC, Center, 16 Columns, Diff
P2 3U & 6U 1410187-3 RT-2, 7 Row, DC, Center, 16 Columns, Diff (or 1410190-3 S-E)
P3 6U only 1410187-3 RT-2, 7 Row, DC, Center, 16 Columns, Diff (or 1410190-3 S-E)
P4 6U only 1410187-3 RT-2, 7 Row, DC, Center, 16 Columns, Diff (or 1410190-3 S-E)
P5 6U only 1410187-3 RT-2, 7 Row, DC, Center, 16 Columns, Diff (or 1410190-3 S-E)
P6 6U only 1410187-3 RT-2, 7 Row, DC, Center, 16 Columns, Diff (or 1410190-3 S-E)
Backplane N/A 3U & 6U 1-1469491-x** Guide Pine, BP, for 9mm wide module
Daughtercard N/A 3U & 6u 1-1469492-x** Guide Module, DC, 9mm wide
N/A 3U & 6U 1410946-1 Screw, Low Profile with Nylox, for Guide Modules
* Connector J5 and J4 will use connector J6 when the physical position of J6 or possibly J6 and J5 and P6 and P5 is either not being
used, or a connector other than a MULTIGIG RT connector is in this position, such as a fiber optic connector.
**See product drawing for dash number options.
Connectors and Guide Hardware Meeting VITA 46 (VPX) Standard
For additional information on the complete
MULTIGIG RT product family, visit
Note: All part numbers are RoHS compliant.
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MULTIGIG RT Connector Products for VITA 46 (VPX) Standard
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