Master-Mite Heat Gun Datasheet by Master Appliance Co

EMAS TEE Designers and Manufacturers of Heat Tools for Industry MAS TER-MI TE® HEAT GUN Low Cost, Lightweight, Bench-Top Heating System - Penect for bench-top applications - Quiet running, shaded pole motor - Lower air VolumeNelocity. Won’t blow components around work station 0 3 interchangeable plug-in heating elements - Complete line of attachments available 0 Made in U.S.A. Shrink Tublng Repair Vinyi Activate Adheslves
MAS TER-MITE HEAT GUN® Low Cost, Lightweight, Bench»top heating system. The Master-Mite is more than just a heat gun, It is a complete bench-top heating system, equipped to pertorm unlimited tasks. This easy—to-use model comes standard with an adjustable stand, heat shrink attachment and the Silver 650'F/343’C healing element. The other heating elements are optional Weighing only 28 ounces. the Master—Mite can be handheld for yobs such as Vinyl repair or drying tilm wrthout causing fatigue, It can also be set in its stand. leavmg both the user‘s hands tree to work. Bench-top tasks are made easier with the Master-Mite, as its controlled air-tlow won't blow tubing and components around the work area. The Master-Mite gives offiust the right amount ot heat, air velocity and air volume to pertorm a variety of duties. Interchangeable heating elements otter the MasterrMite user a choice of three heat ranges (500‘F/650"F/800‘F) to meet the temperature requirements 01 most materials. These heating elements simply plug into the gun. making temperature adjustments quick and easy. Another advantage ot the Master-Mite is its brushless continuous duty motor, This quiet running motor eliminates noisy production areas and creates no electrical interterence in computers or electronic circuits, It draws only 4.5 amps maximum. The Master-Mite is safe to use It has a high impact plastic housing and a full-line ot optional attachments available SPECIFICATIONS Size 8-7/8" Long, 7" High. 3-3/ " Wide Weight 1-3/4 lbs. Motor Shaded pole 3,300 RPM Nozzle Heating element 3-7/ " long, 1" dia, Cord Length 7 Ft. Air Velocity 700 FPM Air Volume 38 CFM High temperature thermal cutout standard ORDERING INFORMATION Model ti l Description I Volts l HZ l Amps |Ship Wt. 10008 Master-Mite Heat Gun 120 60 4.5 3 lbs 10009 Master-Mite Heat Gun 220 50/60 2.0 3 lbs, 10010 Master-Mite Heat Gun 240 50/60 1.9 3 lbs, Master-Mite Heat Gun 120 60 3 lbs Model 10008 is UL and C.S.A. Listed REPLACEMENT HEATING ELEMENTS USE TO: 0 Activate and cure epoxies 0 Dry components 0 Melt solder prelorms 0 Pre-heat flux 0 Repair Vinyl - Remove decals - Shrink packaging - Shrink tubing ACCESSORIES '1) 40060 Heat shrink attachment 1“ 0D. 2) 40061 PinpointattachmentS/tG“|.D 3) 30201 Solder prelorm 4) 50675 Bench stand 51$» it; 4% % 'Standard Part a: Color Temp. Volts Watts 20012 Blue SOUP/260°C 120 340 20013 Silver 650"F/343°C 120 475 20014 Black 800‘F/427AC 120 525 20033 Blue 500'F/260'C 230 400 20034 Silver 650'F/343'C 230 450 20035 Black BOOT/427C 230 500 EMAS TEE Master Appliance Corp. 2420 » 18th 81. R0. Box 68 Racine, WI 53401 U.S.A. Phone (262) 633-7791 Fax: (262) 633-9745 Email: Distributed by: Visit ourWeb Site: @1999 Master Appliance Corp , Racine. WI - All rights resen/ed Form No. 58131 Rev. A
*Model 10008-20 sold with 20014 Black Element