PMDU TR Taping Spec Datasheet by Rohm Semiconductor

ROHITI 1 60 0‘80 as “m 0.90 4“ 010 40:01 202005 5 0155:005 : . 7 7 > [3 u 3 I I .3 N 44 o N I I .n g a a + ’®*#% , °° m | | 1 sun 1 40201 010*01 ($12: of me base) radius of 15mm. However it shaH be defined only inside of carrier tape 025*0 05 +7 371t01 15Max
Tape and Packing
Diode SOD-123FL Package PMDU
1. Components description (Only for reference / Unit : mm)
2. Taping dimensions (Unit : mm)
3. Tape and packing specification
3-1. Direction of tape winding
Cathode on sprocket hole side. The direction shall be one in a reel.
3-2. Cumulative pitch tolerance
The cumulative pitch tolerance of the mold for producing the carrier tape shall be within ±0.2mm
per 10pitches.
3-3. The minimum radius to bend the carrier tape
Carrier tape shall be flexible enough to protect from no component and damage under a minimum
radius of 15mm. However it shall be defined only inside of carrier tape
3-4. The material of carrier tape
3-5. Failure Rate
JEDEC code
Continuous missing
 Except leader and trail portion
Discontinuous missing
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[Diode/SOD-123FL(PMDU)] [Tape and Packing]
4. Reeling specification
4-1. Leading direction
4-2. Leader
Leader tape shall be separated into two parts-an adhesive tape at first part and carrier tape
without products.
4-3. Trail
Trail tape shall remain with no product and trail tape shall not be stuck directly on a reel.
5. Treatment for end of tape
The end of leader tape shall be fixed with the white adhesive tape.
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114th 9103 a2 3102 1 “(Ito 0 018013 9 (only {or T‘illlllllflll This\\0 RB161MM—20 E
[Diode/SOD-123FL(PMDU)] [Tape and Packing]
6. Quantity 3,000 pcs / reel
7. Reel dimensions (Unit : mm)
8. Marking Each reel shall be legibly marked with the following items.
9. Type Product code of taping shall be composed as indicated below.
Ex:  RB161M-20      TR
Type code Taping code
Type No.
Bar code
Lot No.
The country of origin.
QR code (only for ROHM internal use)
Inspector's stamp
This logo mark means Pb-free
(Correspondence to RoHS)
This mark means Pb-free.
Indication space for ROHM internal use
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[Diode/SOD-123FL(PMDU)] [Tape and Packing]
10. Taping Peeling Strength
Peeling strength : 0.1N0.7N If products have stored over our recommended storage condition.
Test condition Based on JIS C 0806-3 4,7)】
Pull direction at angle from 165°to 180°and pull the seal tape with the speed of 300mm/min±10mm/min.
11. Recommended storage condition
Recommended storage condition :
Temperature 5 - 40, Humidity 30%RH - 80%RH
Recommended storage time period :
Dipped SMD products Sn3Ag0.5Cu : One year after production
Plated SMD products Sn2Cu or Sn100% : Five years after production
Notes It is strongly recommended to confirm solderability before using products of which storage time
is exceeding recommended storage time period.
12. Package
Attached position of packing slip
Attached position of packing slip
Seal tape
165°~ 180°
Pull Direction
Emboss Carrier
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