DEM-SOT23LDO Guide Datasheet by Texas Instruments

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1 Background
2 Setup
User's GuideSBVU002A – September 2003 – Revised June 2005
This User's Guide describes the characteristics, operation, and use of theDEM-SOT23LDO demonstration module (DEM).
This DEM is designed to help the user easily evaluate and test the operation and functionality of TexasInstruments 5 and 6 lead SOT23 (DBV) package LDOs. This User's Guide includes setup instructions, aschematic diagram, and a PCB layout drawing for the DEM.
This DEM is specifically designed to be assembled with surface mount devices with footprints rangingfrom 603 to 1210. Additional holes have also been provided to accommodate leaded components. Referto the product data sheet for specific guidelines when selecting components. For all designs, C1 and C2are used as the input and output capacitors. Adjustable devices in the 5 lead packages use only R1 andR2. Refer to the typical application circuits in the product data sheet when populating the components. J5is used to provide access to pin 4 for LDOs that feature a power good (PG) pin. The specific IC to betested may be obtained through TI's sample program. All components other than the PWB are usersupplied.
Figure 1 through Figure 3 show the board layout for the DEM-SOT23LDO printed circuit board.
Figure 1. Assembly Layer
Figure 2. Top Layer Routing
DEM-SOT23LDO DEMONSTRATION FIXTURESBVU002A – September 2003 – Revised June 2005 1
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3 Schematic
Figure 3. Bottom Layer Routing
The circuit schematic in Figure 4 shows the connections for all possible components for the six leadSOT23 package. Depending on the LDO being evaluated, some components may be omitted.
Figure 4. DEM-SOT23LDO Schematic
DEM-SOT23LDO DEMONSTRATION FIXTURE2 SBVU002A – September 2003 – Revised June 2005
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