PTC Product Spotlight Datasheet by Amphenol Advanced Sensors

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Shaped 2D PTC Heaters
PTC heaters self regulating heaters in simple and complex 2D & 3D shapes that provide a highly
reliable product for demanding applications.
PTC Current Limiters used to limit the current in a circuit in the event of a fault condition. Used in
place of conventional fuses but typically do not require replacement in the event of a fault.
PTC’s – Heaters and Current Limiters
3D PTC Heaters
PTC Current Limiters
Features & Benefits:
Shapes - trapezoids, parallelograms, circular or
rectangular washers
Wide range of switch points: -10°C to 200°C
Self regulating properties power when required
in lower ambient temperature conditions.
Over a decade of proven reliability on aircraft
Angle of Attack sensors and similar applications.
Aerospace Ice prevention
LCD display maintain LCD temperature in cold
Features & Benefits:
Overcomes geometric limitations of conventional
2D pressed powder heaters
Curved surfaces and aerodynamic shapes
Operating temperatures no higher than 200°C
Self regulating properties
Uses a novel forming process for PTC ceramic
that is similar to injection molding
Oil & Gas pipeline flow, sensor & valve de-icing
Space fuel line heating in satellites
Aerospace sensor, bearing & nose cone de-icing
Healthcare sleep apnea, humidity control
Renewables de-icing on wind turbines
Features & Benefits:
Wide range of operating currents
Operation up to 1000 Vrms (p/n YS4020)
Coated, uncoated, tape & reel options
Excellent stability to original resistance post
RoHS & REACH compliant
Protection of power supplies and transformers
Protection of multi-meter inputs
Fans & small motors locked rotor protection Shaped 2D PTC Heaters
PTC Current Limiters
3D PTC Heaters