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Romeo BLE mini - Small Arduino Robot Control Board with Bluetooth 4.0
Romeo BLE mini is a small Arduino compatible robot control board with motor driver and bluetooth 4.0. It benefits from the
Arduino open source platform, which includes thousands of open source codes. Its integrated 2 way DC motor driver allows the
project to be started immediately without any additional motor driver shield.
As a new member of Romeo family, Romeo BLE mini is designed for robot applications, it comes with various features such as
Bluetooth communication, wireless programming and smartrphone controlling. Say goodbye to the messy cable and
plugging/unplugging USB port; it is all in wireless now!
Romeo BLE mini inherits most features from Bluetooth 4.0 and Romeo microcontroller. The power regulator will auto-switch
the power resource when you connect USB and External power, which ensures system's working-stability.
On-board BLE chip: TI CC2540
Transmission range: <30m
Easy to use BLE firmware updating
Wireless Programming Via BLE
Support Bluetooth HID
Support AT command to config the BLE
Support the master-salve machine switch
Transparent communication through Serial
Microcontroller: Atmega328p
Bootloader: Arduino UNO
8 Digital I/O ports
2 PWM Outputs(Pin11,Pin10)
4 10-bit analog input ports
USB port
Auto sensing/switching external power input
TTL I2C ICSP interfaces
Two way H-bridged Motor Driver with 1.5A maximum current (each one)
Size: 45x38.5mm(1.77x1.52")
Romeo BLE mini x1
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