SLW Series Drawing Datasheet by Samtec Inc.

mmm m menu: REV, X m mu mm: 2 .I [3] mg mm mm“ .005 [.13] was LOW PROF'LE SLWSWXXSOFXSX mmznmmu .m [.5] muxmmmmuoozo [.051] :2 SOCKET STRIP Wm“ CRIIICAL mumsm wswzcmu YAE|£ ASSEMBLV oRERAnoR \N-FRDCESS INSREcIIoN FILL m RoIARv cm c2 SLW—‘IXX—O1—X—X PDSHIDN SPECIFICATION I THRU 750 PER ROW No. or FOS. x .100 [2 54] Wm DouaLE (USE SLWrSOrD) SINGII (us: SLW—SD—S) mung Sm E 7m: USE crzaix I .100 [2.54] (REF) I .050 [I27] (REF) I II+II II+ PTIP II - 10):" com IN coNIAcI AREA, 5;: sou: 0N TAIL MAI-[E nN CONTACT AND TAIL Jog SELEcIIvE com IN coNIAcr AREA. MAHE 'HN 0N TAIL 3p ASH SELECTWE com IN CONTACT A EA, MArIE IIN 0N TAIL FIN 02 1 +II I us [435] (REF) I Inn [2.54] (REF) I +wpr +II I II+II qu- PIN m @- 'A'i.0l0 [.25] (5:: NOTE 3) .Iao [4.57] (REF) (C) .IIs [2.92] Do not scale from this prInt I \ I \ E % .uzs [.54] REF T MAX SWAY IN EITHER DIRECTION .quu [2 54a] mATng’ JOII' HEAvv GOLD IN coNIAcT AREA, :w' sou) TAIL Iap" UGHT SELEcIIVE cow IN coNIAcr AREA, MATIE [IN ON TAIL NOTES: MIN PUSHOUT FORCE: I In. MAX saw. .uus W" [mm\mm} .025 [.54] cu END WALLS m BE .m2 [.30] MN, (©) REPRESENTS CRITICAL DIM. roR srAnsncAL PROCESS comm. .010 [25] MAX CUT FLASH NO TUBE PAcKAcIRc REQUIRED I [—— 2' MAX SWAY 9. (EITHER DIREcnoN) PLOT SCALE. —.[ _ m- 520 max EASY awn um mm, mm mm mm: (m) 944—3733 An, Box m7 cmE 55:11 A SLWJXXiOIiXiX FEM sum I w I