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® SS Tapes
SS Tapes
High Tack Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) Tapes
Material Characteristics
ECCOSORB® SS-tapes are very high tack pressure
sensitive adhesive (PSA) tapes specifically designed for
use with Emerson & Cuming Microwave Product’s
There are several PSA’s offered:
ECCOSORB® SS6M for silicone absorbers
ECCOSORB® SS3 for urethane absorbers
ECCOSORB® SSV for vinyl materials
ECCOSORB® SS-tapes are cleanly cut with steel roll
dies or via water-jet cutting
Applications & Testing
ECCOSORB® SS-tapes are used throughout many
applications where high bond reliability and UV
resistance is required
ECCOSORB® SS-tapes are ideally suited for
applications such as commercial microwave devices
where the speed and convenience of a peel and stick
adhesive is desired
ECCOSORB® SS6M has been shown effective in
applications involving shock and vibration,
temperature cycling and high humidity
Adhesion testing with SS6M was also performed with
material attached to a housing at 200 °F for 24 hours,
mounted at 90°, and heated to 300 °F for 24 hours.
No slouching was seen and bond strength is excellent!
In general longer residence time yields higher peel
ECCOSORB® SS-tapes are factory installed, which
utilize a proprietary process resulting in a superior
adhesive bond. When applied in this manner, bond
strength is far superior when compared to those
adhesives applied to the material after its
Instructions for Use
Simply peel the release paper off of the adhesive
backing and apply
The use of heat and pressure will help to increase the
initial bond of the material to the substrate. Surfaces
to be bonded should be cleaned, dry, and free from
grease and oil
ECCOSORB® SS3 and SS6M should not be bonded to
any material that may contain migrating plasticizers,
rather SSV should be used
Typical Properties
Adhesive Type Acrylic Acrylic Synthetic Rubber Acrylic
Adhesive Carrier 0.5 mil Polyester 0.5 mil Polyester 4.0 mil Polyethylene 0.5 mil Polyester
Tape Thickness 4.5 mils 4.5 mils 45.7 mils 3.1 mils
Peel adhesion to steel (lb./inch width) 4.7 4.7 - 4.7
Tensile Strength, lb./in. 10 10 - 10
Elongation 60% 60% - 60%
Typical Service Temperature, °F (°C) -40 to 250
(-40 to 121) -40 to 250
(-40 to 121) 30 to 150
(-1.1 to 66) -40 to 250
(-40 to 121)
Material Type Silicone Absorber Urethane Absorber ECCOSTOCK® PP Vinyl