SMDSWLF.020 4OZ Datasheet by Chip Quik Inc.

Test TD-004 or other requirements as stated Copper Mirror IPC-TM-650: 2.3.32 www.chigguikJmm L: No breakthrough Corrosion IPC-TM-650: 2.6.15 L: No oorrosion Quantitative Halides IPC-TM-650: L: <0.5% electrochemical="" migration="" ipc-tm-650:="""" l:=""><1 decade="" drop="" (no-clean)="" 85%="" rh="" @168="" hours="" visual="" ipc-tm-650:="""" clear="" and="" free="" from="" precipitation="" coalition="" (eicc)="" use="" in="" solder="" materials="">
Datasheet revision 1.6
Solder Wire SAC305 No-Clean with 2.2% Flux Core 4oz Spool
Product Highlights
No-Clean Water-Washable Synthetic Flux Core
The clear, non-corrosive, non-conductive residue is meant to be left on the board. Residues that do remain are water soluble
if you want to remove them. Clean with hot water at 60°C (140°F) minimum.
2.2% flux core
Halogen content: None
RoHS II and REACH compliant
Alloy: Sn96.5/Ag3.0/Cu0.5
Wire Diameter: 0.020” (0.5mm)
Flux Type: No-Clean Water-Washable Synthetic
Flux Classification: ROL0
Melting Point: 217-220°C (423-428°F)
Packaging: 4 oz spool
Test Results
Test J-STD-004 or other
requirements as stated
Test Requirement Result
Copper Mirror IPC-TM-650: 2.3.32 L: No breakthrou
Corrosion IPC-TM-650: 2.6.15 L: No corrosion
Quantitative Halides IPC-TM-650: L: <0.5%
Electrochemical Mi
ration IPC-TM-650: L: <1 decade drop
Surface Insulation Resistance 85°C,
85% RH
168 Hours
IPC-TM-650: L: ≥100MΩ (No-clean)
Visual IPC-TM-650: Clear and free from precipitation
Conflict Minerals Compliance Electronic Industry Citizenship
REACH Compliance Articles 33 and 67 of Regulation (EC)
No 1907/2006
Contains no substance >0.1% w/w that
is listed as a SVHC or restricted for
use in solder materials
Conforms to the following Industry Standards:
J-STD-004B, Amendment 1 (Solder Fluxes): Yes
J-STD-006C, Amendments 1 & 2 (Solder Alloys and Fluxed/Non-Fluxed Solders): Yes
RoHS 2 Directive 2011/65/EU: Yes
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No-Clean Waler- F‘ux Core 2.2% .005" diameler wire
ChipQuik® Solder Wire Orderable Part Numbers:
Flux Core Alloy Melting Point Diameter Size Orderable Part Number
No-Clean Water-
Washable Synthetic
Flux Core 2.2%
(Except .006" and
.008" diameter wire
which are 1.2%)
Sn63/Pb37 183°C (361°F)
.015" (0.38mm) 100g (3.5oz) SMDSW.015 100g
.020" (0.5mm)
0.4 oz SMDSW.020 .4OZ
1 oz SMDSW.020 1OZ
2 oz SMDSW.020 2OZ
4 oz SMDSW.020 4OZ
1/2 lb SMDSW.020 8OZ
1 lb SMDSW.020 1LB
.031" (0.8mm)
0.7 oz SMDSW.031 .7OZ
1 oz SMDSW.031 1OZ
2 oz SMDSW.031 2OZ
4 oz SMDSW.031 4OZ
1/2 lb SMDSW.031 8OZ
1 lb SMDSW.031 1LB
Sn60/Pb40 183-188°C (361-370°F)
.015" (0.38mm) 100g (3.5oz) SMD2SW.015 100g
.020" (0.5mm)
0.4 oz SMD2SW.020 .4OZ
1 oz SMD2SW.020 1OZ
2 oz SMD2SW.020 2OZ
4 oz SMD2SW.020 4OZ
1/2 lb SMD2SW.020 8OZ
1 lb SMD2SW.020 1LB
.031" (0.8mm)
0.7 oz SMD2SW.031 .7OZ
1 oz SMD2SW.031 1OZ
2 oz SMD2SW.031 2OZ
4 oz SMD2SW.031 4OZ
1/2 lb SMD2SW.031 8OZ
1 lb SMD2SW.031 1LB
Sn62/Pb36/Ag2 179°C (354°F)
.015" (0.38mm) 100g (3.5oz) SMD3SW.015 100g
.020" (0.5mm)
0.4 oz SMD3SW.020 .4OZ
1 oz SMD3SW.020 1OZ
2 oz SMD3SW.020 2OZ
4 oz SMD3SW.020 4OZ
1/2 lb SMD3SW.020 8OZ
1 lb SMD3SW.020 1LB
.031" (0.8mm)
0.7 oz SMD3SW.031 .7OZ
1 oz SMD3SW.031 1OZ
2 oz SMD3SW.031 2OZ
4 oz SMD3SW.031 4OZ
1/2 lb SMD3SW.031 8OZ
1 lb SMD3SW.031 1LB
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Nn—Claan Water- Flux Core 2.2% .008” dlamelsr wlra
ChipQuik® Solder Wire Orderable Part Numbers:
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Flux Core Alloy Melting Point Diameter Size Orderable Part Number
No-Clean Water-
Washable Synthetic
Flux Core 2.2%
(Except .006" and
.008" diameter wire
which are 1.2%)
Sn96.5/Ag3.0/Cu0.5 217-220°C (423-428°F)
.006" (0.15mm) 50g (1.8oz) SMDSWLF.006 50g
.008" (0.20mm) 50g (1.8oz) SMDSWLF.008 50g
.015" (0.38mm)
0.3 oz SMDSWLF.015 .3OZ
1 oz SMDSWLF.015 1OZ
2 oz SMDSWLF.015 2OZ
4 oz SMDSWLF.015 4OZ
1/2 lb SMDSWLF.015 8OZ
1 lb SMDSWLF.015 1LB
.020" (0.5mm)
0.4 oz SMDSWLF.020 .4OZ
1 oz SMDSWLF.020 1OZ
2 oz SMDSWLF.020 2OZ
4 oz SMDSWLF.020 4OZ
1/2 lb SMDSWLF.020 8OZ
1 lb SMDSWLF.020 1LB
.031" (0.8mm)
0.7 oz SMDSWLF.031 .7OZ
1 oz SMDSWLF.031 1OZ
2 oz SMDSWLF.031 2OZ
4 oz SMDSWLF.031 4OZ
1/2 lb SMDSWLF.031 8OZ
1 lb SMDSWLF.031 1LB
Sn99.3/Cu0.7 227°C (441°F)
.012" (0.3mm) 100g (3.5oz) SMD2SWLF.012 100g
.015" (0.38mm)
0.3 oz SMD2SWLF.015 .3OZ
1 oz SMD2SWLF.015 1OZ
2 oz SMD2SWLF.015 2OZ
4 oz SMD2SWLF.015 4OZ
1/2 lb SMD2SWLF.015 8OZ
1 lb SMD2SWLF.015 1LB
.020" (0.5mm)
0.4 oz SMD2SWLF.020 .4OZ
1 oz SMD2SWLF.020 1OZ
2 oz SMD2SWLF.020 2OZ
4 oz SMD2SWLF.020 4OZ
1/2 lb SMD2SWLF.020 8OZ
1 lb SMD2SWLF.020 1LB
.031" (0.8mm)
0.7 oz SMD2SWLF.031 .7OZ
1 oz SMD2SWLF.031 1OZ
2 oz SMD2SWLF.031 2OZ
4 oz SMD2SWLF.031 4OZ
1/2 lb SMD2SWLF.031 8OZ
1 lb SMD2SWLF.031 1LB
Solid Wire
(No Flux)
Sn42/Bi57/Ag1 138°C (281°F) .030" (0.762mm) 32 feet SMDSWLTLFP32
In100 157°C (315°F) .031" (0.8mm) 10 feet SMDIN100
In52/Sn48 118°C (244°F) .031" (0.8mm) 10 feet SMDIN52SN48
In97/Ag3 143°C (289°F) .031" (0.8mm) 10 feet SMDIN97AG3
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