Super Sabre Series Brochure Datasheet by Molex

molexg Flat-blade ter ‘ al design with four independent points of electrical contact -. for Gas a
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USCAR-2, level 3 operating
temperature to +125˚C
Ideal for high-operating
temperature applications, including
Silver-plated, high-conductivity alloy terminals
Provide high-performance connections that
eliminate fretting-corrosion concerns. Delivers a
more cost-effective solution compared to gold-
plated terminals. Optimized for 10 to 12 AWG wires
34.0A per blade current rating and 600V
Match requirements for high-current and high-
voltage applications in a low-profile design
Flat-blade terminal design with four
independent points of electrical contact
Offers redundant, secondary current paths for
long-term performance and reliability. Provides a
more reliable electrical connection than circular-
style terminals
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Wire-to-wire and wire-to-board configurations
Deliver design flexibility with significant space and
cost savings. Compatible with lead-free wave
soldering and reflow soldering processes
Fully isolated terminals on both
mating sides
Provide complete protection
against damage or shock
Positive latch and terminal position
assurance (TPA) features on receptacle
Prevent terminal back-out with mating plug or
header in high-vibration applications
UL1977 and UL60950 finger-
test-certified blade
Meets safety requirements for
many consumer applications
Super Sabre Power
Connector System
Delivering 34.0A per blade and withstanding up to
+125°C operating temperatures, Super Sabre Power
Connectors use proven technology for long-term
performance and reliability in virtually every industry
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Super Sabre Power
Connector System
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Home Appliance
– Ranges
– Refrigerators
– Laundry equipment
– Vacuums
– Air conditioners
Packaging: Trays or Tubes
UL File No.: E29179
CSA File No.: LR19980
Mates With: Super Sabre Plugs and Headers
Terminal Used: Super Sabre terminals
Designed In: Millimeters
RoHS: Yes
Halogen Free: Yes, Low Halogen
Glow Wire Compliant: Optional
Voltage (max.): 600V
Current (max.): 34.0A
Contact Resistance: 5 milliohms
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage: 5000V
Insulation Resistance: 1000 Megohms
Contact Insertion Force: 6.0N
Contact Retention to Housing: 67.0N / 125.0N (TPA)
Insertion Force to PCB (avg.): 34.0N
Mating Force (max.): 17.8N
Unmating Force (min.): 2.2N
Durability (min.): 25 cycles
Headers: LCP
Crimp Housing: Nylon
Contact: High-performance copper alloy
Contact Area — Silver
Solder Tail Area — Tin
Underplating — Nickel
PCB Thickness: 1.57 to 3.18mm
Operating Temperature:
-40 to +125°C (per USCAR-2)
– Switches
– Servers
– Base stations
– Power supplies
– Fan / blower racks
Commercial Vehicle
Ordering Information
Series No. Component
172042 Vertical PCB Header
172043 Right-Angle PCB Header
171825 Female Crimp Terminal
Series No. Component
171826 Male Crimp Terminal
172672 Receptacle Housing
172673 Plug Housing
– Patient monitors
– Diagnostic imaging
– Therapeutic devices
– 100 to 600W units