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Flora Wearable GPS
Created by Becky Stern
Last updated on 2019-11-12 03:04:35 AM UTC
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This module is the best way to add a GPS to your wearable project. It's part of the Adafruit Flora series of wearable
electronics, designed specifically for use with the Flora motherboard. Installed on the PCB is the latest of our Ultimate
GPS modules, a small, super-thin, low power GPS module with built in data-logging capability! This module's easy to
use, but extremely powerful:
-165 dBm sensitivity, 10 Hz updates, 66 channels
Designed for wearable use with the Flora system
Only 20mA current draw
RTC battery-compatible - sew a battery on to create a atomic-precision real time clock
Built-in datalogging
>25Km altitude
Internal patch antenna + u.FL connector for external active antenna
Fix status LED
This guide will get you started with the Flora GPS.
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Hook up GPS
Use alligator clips to connect Flora's 3.3V pad to the 3.3V pad on the GPS. Likewise connect RX to TX and TX to RX,
then finally GND to GND.
Unlike the GPS breakout and GPS shield we carry, the Flora GPS is for use with 3.3V power and logic only!
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The four connectors are all in a row just to the left of Flora's JST battery connector for easy sewing. But test your
project with alligator clips before sewing it in!
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Program FLORA
Make sure the USB cable is connecting your computer and Flora.
Basic Echo Test
We'll start with the most basic test, where we listen to the raw GPS data, to make sure it shows up! Copy and paste this
code into a new sketch window and upload it to your Flora
Install Adafruit GPS Library
Our helper library will make using the GPS easy since we have working code already. The library is available on
GitHub (https://adafru.it/nCR)
You can download the most recent version from the Arduino library manager.
First, open up the Arduino library manager
Search for the Adafruit GPS library and install it
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We also have a great tutorial on Arduino library installation at:
Load Echo Demo
We'll begin by loading up the HardwareSerial echo test example available in the Adafruit_GPS library
Wire up the GPS module according to the hookup. Check your board and serial port settings (https://adafru.it/aRS) and
upload this sketch to your Flora using the Upload button in the IDE. Open up the Serial Monitor.
You should see something like the following from the serial monitor. You may not have as many numbers, but there
should be sentences that start with $GPRMC and $GPGGA, etc. If you see text like that it means your GPS and
connection are working fine.
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Getting location data
Detailed GPS Test
Now that we know it basically works, we'll try to get 'fix data' from the GPS. For this, you will have to have the GPS
outside. It cannot be inside a building, even if its right at the window. The silver antenna must be pointing up with a
clear view of the sky!
Wire up the GPS module according to the hookup
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Check your board and serial port settings (https://adafru.it/aRS) and upload this sketch to your Flora using the Upload
button in the IDE.
Place the GPS module (still connected to the Flora) outside. Once the GPS has located the satellite data, the red LED
on the GPS will stop blinking.
If you see the LED blinking once a second, it does not yet have a fix!
It can take many minutes to get a fix if it doesn't see any satellites immediately.
Once it has a fix, you can check the serial monitor for the GPS data, which includes the current date and time in UTC. It
will also give you your latitude, longitude and approximate altitude with the Serial monitor
GPS modules will always send data EVEN IF THEY DO NOT HAVE A FIX! In order to get 'valid' (not-blank)
data you must have the GPS module directly outside, with the square ceramic antenna pointing up with a
clear sky view. In ideal conditions, the module can get a fix in under 45 seconds. however depending on your
location, satellite configuration, solar flares, tall buildings nearby, RF noise, etc it may take up to half an hour
(or more) to get a fix! This does not mean your GPS module is broken, the GPS module will always work as
fast as it can to get a fix.
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Now we know where we are. According to the GPS, my location is 4043.5715 N (Latitude 40 degrees, 43.5815 minutes
North) & 07400.2783 W. (Longitude 74 degrees, 0.2783 minutes West) To look at this location in Google maps,
type +40° 43.5715', -74° 00.2783' into the google maps search box (https://adafru.it/aMl) . Unfortunately gmaps
requires you to use +/- instead of NSWE notation. N and E are positive, S and W are negative.
People often get confused because the GPS is working but is "5 miles off" - this is because they are not
parsing the lat/long data correctly. Despite appearances, the geolocation data is NOT in decimal degrees. It
is in degrees and minutes in the following format: Latitude: DDMM.MMMM (The first two characters are the
degrees.) Longitude: DDDMM.MMMM (The first three characters are the degrees.)
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EagleCAD PCB files on GitHub (https://adafru.it/rPD)
Fritzing object in the Adafruit Fritzing Library (https://adafru.it/aP3)
MTK3329/MTK3339 command set sheet (https://adafru.it/qif) for changing the fix data rate, baud rate, sentence
outputs, etc!
Datasheet for the PA6H (MTK3339) GPS module itself - used in version 3 of this module (https://adafru.it/ria)
MT3339 GPS PC Tool (windows only) (https://adafru.it/uoD) and the PC Tool manual (https://adafru.it/uoE)
Mini GPS tool (windows only) (https://adafru.it/rid)
Schematic & Fabrication Print
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