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Amphenol® 97 Series Connectors are UL recognized and CSA recognized.
Server Power
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Amphenol® 97 Series Connectors are UL recognized and CSA recognized.
Company Introduction
Manufacturing connectors since 1932, we take pride that Amphenol
Industrial Global Operations (AIGO) is the undisputed leader in interconnect
systems for harsh environment applications. Such applications require a
high degree of engineering sophistication and precision manufacturing
capability. Innovations such as our RADSOK® contact technology can
supply gains of up to 50% in current carrying capability through the same
size pin vs traditional contact designs. Connectors utilizing the RADSOK®
technology outperform conventional power interconnect products and are
a better choice for the high current needs demanded by sophisticated
AIGO's product lines consist of rectangular, standard, miniature, fiber
optic, EMI/EMP filter and a variety of special application connectors.
Additionally, we manufacture value-add flex circuit and cable assemblies.
Our global manufacturing facilities include locations in Sidney, NY, Fraser,
MI, Midland, TX, Shenzhen and Zhuhai, China, Winnipeg, Canada, and
Nogales, Mexico. Our Sidney, NY facility is both ISO09001 certified and
qualified to MIL-STD-790 requirements.
The Server Environment
Modern servers are capable of millions of transactions per second.
They consume significant amounts of power, and produce tremendous
amounts of heat while conducting the high amperage to manage these
Excessive heat can cause malfunctions and irreversible damage to servers
while being expensive to manage. Therefore, minimizing temperature rise
is a key concern when designing power systems for data centers.
AIGO has industry leading experience engineering high current and
high density interconnect solutions. Our RADSOK® technology and our
proven engineering experience for harsh environments enable Amphenol
Industrial Global Operations to develop optimal solutions for server power
interconnect needs.
The undisputed leader in interconnect
systems for harsh environment applications
RADSOK® Technology Advantages
RADSOK’S twisted grid configuration allows for 50% more current to pass
through the same size pin, while providing increased reliability, ampacity and
cycle durability as well as lower insertion force, T-rise and voltage drop.
Unique RADSOK® design and construction technology create an electrical
contact interface that exceeds typical interconnect requirements. Applications
in aerospace, medical, industrial, automotive, mining, offshore, and other harsh
environments depend on the high reliability of Amphenol’s RADSOK® technology.
The hyperbolic lamella socket contact construction distributes normal forces
over a high percentage of the mating pin surface. This creates a smooth,
even engagement effort. This force distribution also contributes to excellent
performance in vibration applications with resistance to typical fretting corrosion.
The large interface area between the socket lamella and pin surface result
in very low contact resistance, enabling the RADSOK® contacts’ high current
ratings compared to traditional power contact designs.
RADSOK® contacts with typical silver plating finishes have demonstrated survival
of 20,000 mating cycles. Specialized plating and contact lubricants can extend
cycle life to 200,000 matings or higher. Even with continuous exposure to harsh
environmental abuse (salt, sand, and high humidity), RADSOK® contacts have
been tested to maintain low contact resistance beyond 10,000 mating cycles.
RADSOK® Derating Chart – Temperature vs. Current
Based on single conductors in free air. Wire cross-section same size as pin
contact cross-sectional area.
Pan Numbar Amps Terminauun The RADSOK" PGYW pmvides a compacl and The RADSOK" Powerfilokm's oompam (Dolprim
High speed and high density electronics have driven demand for significant
increases in the amount of power needed for power to board applications. To
meet the need for higher current density interconnects Amphenol Industrial
Global Operations developed the RADSOK® Power to Board series of
connectors. RADSOK® Power to Board solutions facilitate the distribution of
power with higher amperage, while allowing the design engineer to achieve
size and weight reductions.
Conventional interconnects are limited in their ability to deliver high current
without consuming excessive board surface area. The RADSOK® Power to
Board series of connectors incorporates a hyperbolic lamella socket contact
construction that provides more contact surface area. The high performance
contact enables higher current carrying capabilities with lower temperature
rises than traditional contact systems.
Amphenol’s RADSOK® Power to Board product line offers many options
for delivering high current and single-point connections to the PCB. Please
contact your Amphenol Industrial representative for product extensions and
custom applications.
RADSERT™’s compact footprint design can
deliver up to 120A of current to the board. The
high current density and small surface area
connection provides flexibility of board design.
RADSERT™ contacts are available in either
press-fit or solder termination.
The RADSOK® PGY™ provides a compact and
robust right angle power to board interconnect.
Designed to mate with either a 3.6mm or 5.7mm
pin, The RADSOK® PGY™ can bring up to 120A
to the board. The radial design of the RADSOK®
contact gives you more contact surface area
lowering temperature rise and reducing potential
heat related failures.
The RADSOK® PowerBlok™’s compact footprint
½” x ½” can supply up to 70A to backplane
power connections. Current is distributed over
16 compliant pins. The PowerBlok™ is available
for top or bottom entry and offered with a touch-
proof cover.
RADSOK® PowerBlok™
• High power to board interconnect in a
small package
• Compact footprint 15.7mm x 15.7mm
• RADSOK® 2.4mm, 3.0mm & 3.6mm
• Backplane power interface with compliant pins
for power
• Touchproof cover
• Hyperbolic socket design ensures many points
of contact
• Reduces failure modes, eliminates burn outs
• No threaded fasteners
• No special crimp tools required
• Eliminates possible stress fractures in board
• Faster through-put
Available in Super Twist (ST)
• RoHS compliant
• Orthogonal, co-planar & right angle
connections between PCBs or PCB to bus bar
• Compact footprint
• Legs of the PGY distribute high power evenly
• 2.4mm carries up to 35 Amps
• 3.0mm carries up to 60 Amps
• 3.6mm carries up to 70 Amps
• 4.8mm carries up to 100 Amps
• 5.7mm carries up to 120 Amps
• No threaded fasteners
• No special crimp tools required
• Faster through-put
Available in Super Twist (ST)
• RoHS compliant
• High power to board interconnect in a
small package
• Hyperbolic socket design ensures many
points of contact
• Solder version or pre-loaded RADSERTs are
installed during board fabrication
• RADSERT™ 2.4mm (35A), 3.0mm (60A),
3.6mm (70A) 4.8mm (100A) & 6.0mm (120A)
• No special crimp tools required
• No threaded fasteners
• Eliminates risk of PTH cracking or
delamination in board
• Faster through-put
Available in Super Twist (ST)
• RoHS compliant
RADSOK® Power to Board Connectors
10-729398-241 2.4mm 35 Solder Type
10-700813-001 2.4mm 35 Knurl Press Fit
10-729360-001 ST 2.4mm 35 Solder Type
10-700977-001 3.6mm 70 Solder Type
10-700985-001 3.6mm Close End 70 Solder Type
10-707833-001 3.6mm 70 Knurl Press Fit
10-729387-001 ST 3.6mm 70 Solder Type
10-707617-000 ST 3.6mm 70 Knurl Press Fit
10-729220-001 ST 6.0mm 120 Solder Type
Part Number Size Amps Termination Part Number Size Amps Termination
10-700298-000 3.6mm 70 Solder Type
10-729394-000 ST 3.6mm 70 Solder Type
10-700261-000 5.7mm 120 Solder Type
10-700261-000 ST 5.7mm 120 Solder Type
Part Number Size Amps Termination
10-707897-001 ST 2.4mm 35 Press-fit
10-700300-001 ST 3.0mm 60 Press-fit
10-707548-001 ST 3.6mm 70 Press-fit
musox- Cuvvenl SumAmmy Lugon‘y Candmmr w". s“ 5“ mm m mm, m Numnev W m. Crimp om. “we 30mm mm); Pspmx psuoo a Wm M 2‘ koe 5 7mm mumps Pspsmx Psbm a am a». 2; “we mm 125 mu vsuwx Psesu a 27 m Guy 29 “we x mm I75 Amp: FsL-sazx mm nan m m an I AWE a mm 200 Amp; psm‘x mm a :5 m Swan 37 mAwe mam 250mm Psman PSL-unm mm le42 mAwa 105mm SOOAmpI m 1032M Pspmam nu." sum pm In Mu mm m Mm, man (mm a 5m TBA-wt rm; u mu 5 mm mm. vsw 57 Mm. 5 am 2mm.» wst-so Man 25 mm mm, vsw mm mm 5 m4.,sm~m~m..._mu p...._....mumw.—...... S mun-"-mm Wmuwnh Mun-Wm-m .. hum awn-m m . mm“ mm Mm... 1 Conductor: AID ! nNumh-r Dnfill’flnn am Elm-II cm- Ian:- 5 Conductor: AID Fm Numb-r Dnfill’flnn w". lav-u- cabh Ring- AMPHE-PD
• High current rating, high ampacity in a smaller package
• High reliability; meets or exceeds the electrical performance of bolt-on
compression lugs
• Easy field installation - crimp with standard color-coded dies (Udie and
4 indenter). No torque wrenches required.
• Integral locking feature plus locking cap
• RADSOK® technology boosts the
ampacity by 50% or more compared
to mil-spec contacts. RADSOK® contacts
provide the advantages of low insertion
force and high cycle durability.
• RoHS compliant
Utilizes RADSOK® high amperage socket contact technology, enabling
increased current ratings to 120A on individual contacts.
Currently available in shell size 32 with 4 or 5 conductors.
The connector type is a straight plug which houses RADSOK® sockets and
a box mount receptacle with pin contacts.
Compression (setscrew) wire termination to the 4/6AWG or 8/10AWG
conductors allows easy field replacement of pin or socket contacts, or
complete plug and receptacle assemblies, without requiring specialized
Meets same performance levels as GT Series.
Listed to UL/CUL 1977/1682/817 Standard, control number 19VP.
Utilizes a standard PG adapter
watertight strain relief on the plug
to achieve IP67 seal rating.
Flammability rated to UL94V-0.
GTR Receptacle in Shell Size 32
with 4 Conductors
Cable Range
(See Tables)
GTR Plug in Shell Size 32
with 4 Conductors
4 Conducto
AIO Part Number Description Wire Range Rated Current Cable Range
GT06PCM32-ARS-30(29R) Plug 8-10 AWG 30 Amps (cont.) .510 - .582
GT06PCM32-ARS-40(29R) Plug 8-10 AWG 40 Amps (cont.) .715 - .759
GT06PCM32-ARS-50(29) Plug 4-6 AWG 50 Amps (cont.) .809 - .905
GT06PCM32-ARS-70(29OS) Plug 4-6 AWG 70 Amps (cont.) 1.000 – 1.185
GT06PCM32-ARS-120(36OS) Plug 4 AWG 120 Amps (cont.) 1.27
GT030PCM32-ARP-80 Receptacle 4-6 AWG 80 Amps (cont.) N/A
GT030PCM32-ARP-120 Receptacle 4 AWG 120 Amps (cont.) N/A
5 Conducto
AIO Part Number Description Wire Range Cable Range
787. - 274. GWA 01-8 gulP 100-241016-01
489. - 807. GWA 01-8 gulP 200-241016-01
787. - 274. GWA 6-4 gulP 300-241016-01
489. - 807. GWA 6-4 gulP 400-241016-01
A/N GWA 01-8 elcatpeceR 100-741016-01
A/N GWA 6-4 elcatpeceR 200-741016-01
A/N GWA 01-8 elcatpeceR MLBF 100-222016-01
A/N GWA 6-4 elcatpeceR MLBF 200-222016-01
Technical Specifications: 3.6mm is UL rated 69 amps (6 AWG). CSA rated 55 Amps (6 AWG). 5.7mm (non-UL) is rated for 120 amps. Molded from UL94V-0
thermoplastic (self extinguishing). Meets RoHS and UL-94V-0 guidelines. 2-pole DC Power interconnect in about 1 square inch (3.6mm version) and 1.75 inch
square (5.7mm version). Passes UL and TUV finger proof design standards.
Additional benefits of the Amphe-PD™ product include:
The Future of RADSOK®
R4 Technology
The R4 version of the RADSOK® represents the culmination of three years of research and development in laser welding copper
based alloys. This innovative approach to construction of the RADSOK® cartridge provides benefits previously unavailable in the
product line.
Low cost, 100% molded housings
Integrated latching mechanism
Easy, Tool-less assembly
Low Insertion Force
High Reliability
High Cycle Durability
High Ampacity
Tactile and audible locking
Proven metal clip contact retention
on receptacles
TPA device on plug to insure socket
For complete dimensional information on Amphe-GTR Series see Product Data Sheet #190. Also refer to Amphenol GT Series
catalog 12-024.
Packaging restraints are reduced due to a smaller outside diameter of the component
Automated assembly processes result in less manufacturing variability
Better consistency in performance
Better mechanical strength in a welded assembly
Lower voltage drop/resistance
Low temperature rise
mm. s m 1 Sum RADSOK RadStack‘"I
RADSOK® PowerBlok™ WTB (Wire to Board)
• 35A rated single point of contact
Low profile right angle exit less than ½ inch
mated height
12-14 AWG crimp contact with insulated
Board receptacle part number: 10-707991-000
• Wire applied right angle pin with latching
housing part number: 10-729455-000
RADSOK® RadStack™ was
designed to address the need
for high current and small foot
prints for PCB mezzanine
RADSOK® Super Twist
Design Background
The RADSOK® Super Twist contact was developed to enable greater radial misalignment tolerance, or “float,” in drawer and blindmate applications. Greater
radial gatherablility is achieved in the Super Twist (ST) contact by adding additional “twist” to a larger RADSOK® contact. Using a larger O.D RADSOK® creates
additional I.D clearance for the mating male pin while maintaining electrical and mechanical performance.
• 100A to 300A
• Small form factor, 6.0mm, 8.0mm & 10.0mm
Also offered with a plastic protective cover and
male pin
• Solder tail (Press fit optional)
• 1000A surge – 2 seconds
• Operating temperature can meet -40C to +125C
• Dielectric withstanding voltage is 2000 Vac RMS
• Insulation resistance can meet 5000 M Ohms
• 500 mating cycles – minimum
• Insertion force : Max 7 lbs.; Separation force: Min 1.5 lbs.
• UL94-V0 (self extinguishing)
RADSOK® RadFin™ was designed to address the need for amperes greater than 100A while maintaining a small footprint for PCB applications. Another unique
feature of the RadFin™ is its ability to act as a great heat dissipating connector. This dramatically helps reduce T-rise with minimal air-flow required.
Utilizing Amphenol’s latest R4 RADSOK® Technology, our RADLOK™ product line was designed to be compact and robust. Power Interconnect products in
today’s market often require additional mounting hardware (e.g. washers, clamps, bolts, nuts, etc.) making them prone to costly labor expenses for installation
and routine maintenance. Paired with Amphenol’s RADLOK™ PIN, the single finger operation lock feature allows end users to connect any power distribution/
storage system in a quick and secure manner. The RADLOK™ product line is the answer to industries where a custom, reliable, easy to install, rugged, and cost
effective solution is required.
Voltage Rating: 1000V
Current Rating: 70A - 400A
Tool-Free Mechanical Locking
High cycle durability (500 mating cycles)
RoHS complaint
Available in Black, Red, Orange (custom colors available upon request)
DC Voltage Rating 1000V
DC Current Rating 70A - 400A
Flammability Rating UL94 V0
Operating Temperature Range -40º C to 125º C
Mating Cycles 500
Technical Data
35A to 120A
Low-profile, 10mm to 50mm
in any size increment
Press fit attachment 35A to
1000A surge – 2 seconds
Operating temperature can
meet -40C to +125C
Dielectric withstanding volt-
age is 2000 Vac RMS
Insulation resistance can
meet 5000 M Ohms
Mezzanine heights from
500 mating cycles – minimum
Insertion force : Max 4.5 lbs.;
Separation force: Min 0.62
lbs. (Each pin )
UL94-V0 (self extinguishing)
2.4 ST 35A 0.37mm .014”
3.0 ST 60A 0.37mm 0.14”
3.6 ST 70A 0.67mm .026”
4.8 ST 100A 0.55mm .021”
5.7 ST 120A 0.65mm .026”
Super Twist RADSOK® Offerings
Benefits of using Super Twist RADSOK®
Radial misalignment tolerance is significantly increased, 3x more than
standard RADSOK® contacts. The RADSOK® Super Twist contacts are used
in applications where mechanical system tolerance is difficult to control in
manufacturing and/or assembly, for example, mating multiple positions on a bus
bar with poor true positioning to a PCB or pluggable power supply assembly.
Amphenol Industrial
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