M20-106 Drawing Datasheet by Harwin Inc.

Customer Information Sheet DRAWING Ne ’ M20 IOEXXOO IF IN DOUBT , ASK NOT TO SCALE THIRD ANGLE PROJECTION ALI. DIMENSIONS IN mm <72 54="" x="" (no="" of="" contacts="" ,="" 2.54="" tvp="" h‘)="" ie="" fll="" specifications:="" electrical:="" current="" rating="" voltage="" rating="" 3a="" ac/dc="" 250v="" ac="" max="" contact="" resistance="" :="" 20mq="" max="" insulation="" resistance="" :="" i,000mq="" min="" dielectric="" strength="" 2="" 800v="" ac="" for="" i="" minute="" enviromental'="" temperature="" range="" :="" -25"c="" t0="" +85uc="" order="" code:="" no.="" of="" contacts:="" 0|="" to="" i2="" mzo-="" |06xx00=""><><2.54 x="" no.="" of="" contacts)="" i="" 0.20="" i0.30—=""> NOTES. I. CONTACT No. I IDENTIFICATION. SEE NOTE | 2.FOR USE WITH CRIMP CONTACTS: x 2'50 MZO-IIGOOXX (REELED CONTACTS), e M20-II800XX (LOOSE CONTACTS). _L 3. THE ABOVE SPECIFICATIONS APPLI -7 NHEN THIS MOULDING IS USED | WITH THE SPECIFIED CONTACTS, I 4, FOR COMPLETE ELECTRICAL AND , I , I , , I , - MECHANICAL SPECIFICATION, SEE I I I I I I I I COMPONENT SPECIFICATION COOIXX , (LATEST ISSUE). . - 5, MATING PIN LENCTH : 6,30mm MAX I ”‘00 I 5’50mm MIN MGR 8 27.02.“) ZIJTO i NAME ISS DATE CINOTE I i APPROVED' MGR I . CHECKED' SB . ! DIIAwN s.aENNETT I | CUSTOMER REL: ‘ I I TI , E x SEC 0N X X ASSEMBLI DRG ms URAIING AND ANT TOLERANCES MATERIAL TITLE: fiAEWfiN x. 2- 54mm PITCH 3N mm" or m NARIIN X 0'50"“ UL‘MVVI BLACK CR I MP MOULD I NG II§III§II""I5IEII”°IIEIII xxixx 'S‘Im ' ‘ . : . m . DRANINC NUMBER: SHT WWW-”WI" 10'“ “I IEIEIIIIG‘SI“IS§'I§I”“' ANGLES ; is," ””5” 2 IuhIIcaLOIorwImm .RTIENTIINSRNTNIII mm mm sum M20- |06XX00 “2
No. of contacts per row = 11
Last Time Buy = 19th July 2019
01 to 10, 12