MX120G Overview Datasheet by Molex

Reduced 3.20mm (mating) pitch design offers significant space reduction for the same circuit density offered by
some other makes
Meets IP67 ratings with wide operating temperature range of -40 to +105°Celsius; provides complete protection
of connector against dust and water (up to 1 m depth) and other defined conditions of pressure and time
High-vibration resistance up to 10G acceleration secures mating in high-vibration environment and applications
Independent terminal lock on through hole, right angle male header provides reinforced terminal retention to
receptacle housing to prevent accidental terminal back-out
Twist-lock feature on the terminal and connector prevents rotation of terminal once inserted into the connector
and ensures correct alignment of male terminals with receptacle contacts when mated; eliminating the need for
additional fasteners
Single-piece construction of the female receptacle comprising a pre-assembled connector housing with matte
silicone seal and seal-cap provides greater applied labor and process costsavings
Silicone seals are more durable and able to withstand higher temperatures than ordinary Nitrile-rubber seals
Seal-cap provides strain relief for the seal interface; enables easy insertion of crimped wires directly into the
Mounted male header with self-guiding slot for easy assembly into the ECU (Engine Control Unit) box facilitates
easy assembly and subsequent potting (a process of filling a complete electronic assembly with thermosetting
plastics for protection against shock and vibration as well as for exclusion of moisture and corrosive agents)
*FL – Automotive Wire; R – Reduced Thickness of Insulation; Y – PVC Insulation
MX120G™ Sealed
Wire-to-Wire and
36783 Male Header,
Through Hole,
Right Angle
36799 Wire-to-Wire Female
Crimped Terminal
36792 Wire-to-Wire Female
Receptacle with
Matte Seal, Seal Cap
and Interface Seal
36804 Cavity Plug for
Female Receptacle
Features and Benefits
MX120G™ Sealed Wire-
to-Wire and Wire-to-
Board Connectors
Sealed MX120G™ connectors offer greater cost and
space savings while providing superior design and
mating features to meet the needs of harshenvironment,
non-automotive transportation applications
Molex’s MX120G™ connector system is a highly compact, sealed wire-
to-wire and wire-to-board family of interconnects with IP67-ratings that
delivers optimal performance especially in wet, high-vibration and wide
operating- temperature conditions.
Designed for rugged, harsh-environment non-automotive applications
that range from tractors and combines to snow mobiles and jet skis;
the MX120G interconnect system can be extended to exterior lighting
applications that include traffic and overhead street lights; and is a more
reliable and less expensive solution to pre-crimped wire-seal alternatives.
The MX120G™ wire-to-wire and wire-to-board receptacles feature a single-
piece pre-assembly comprising a high-temperature connector housing,
male silicone seal and a seal cap for strain relief – all pre-assembled and
ready for easy crimp insertion. Standard through-hole male headers have a
3.20mm pitch footprint that makes ample room for PCB traces to support 7
to 10.5 Amp of current over a range of FLRY-B* wire sizes.
The connector’s built-in positive locking feature ensures robust terminal
retention while preventing any accidental terminal backout. Its unique twist-
lock design ensures proper terminal alignment of the header contacts with
those of the female receptacle thus eliminating the need for any fasteners.
Female cavity plugs are available to allow selective sealing of circuit voids
in female receptacles for both wire-to-wire and wire-to-board applications.
The terminals of the MX120G receptacle accept FLRY-B* wire sizes of 0.35 to
1 sq. mm conductor diameter allowing the receptacle to take multiple cable
configurations for added flexibility.
Color codes on each component of the Wire-to-Board assembly make
identification very easy.
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MX120G™ Sealed
Wire-to-Wire and
Reference Information
Carton (all); Bag (Series 36804)
UL File No.: Pending approval
CSA File No.: Pending approval
Mates With: Refer to table
Use With: Refer to table
Designed In: mm
RoHS Compliant: Yes
Halogen Free: Yes
Glow Wire Compliant: No
Voltage (max.): 28 V DC
Current (max.): 10.5A (per contact)
Contact Resistance (max.):
20 milliohms
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage:
1000 VAC
Insulation Resistance (min.):
20 megaohms
Contact Insertion Force (max.): 30N
Contact Retention to Housing (min.):
Mating/Unmating Force:
75N (max.); 90N min. (lock engaged)
Durability (max.): 10 cycles
HB-rated, glass-filled Nylon, black
(Series 36783)
Nylon (Series 36792), black
C42500 Brass / Copper alloy
Plating: Pre-plated Tin (Sn)
Contact Area — Tin (Sn)
Solder Tail Area — Tin (Sn)
Underplating — Nickel (Ni)
PCB Thickness (recommended):
Operating Temperature:
-40 to +105 °C
Reference Information
Packaging: Reel
Use With: Refer table below
Designed In: mm
RoHS Compliant: Yes
Halogen Free: Yes
Glow Wire Compliant: No
Voltage (max.): 28V DC
Current (max.): 10.5A (per contact)
Contact Resistance (max.):
20 milliohms
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage:
1000 VAC
Insulation Resistance (min.):
20 megaohms
Contact Insertion Force:
Contact Retention to Housing:
Durability (min.):
Crimped Wire Pullout Force:
0.35 mm2 wire – 35N (min.)
0.50 mm2 wire – 55N (min.)
0.75 mm2 wire – 75N (min.)
1.00 mm2 wire – 88N (min.)
Contact: Copper Alloy
Plating: 1.00μm (39μ”) Tin (Sn)
Contact Area —
1.00μm (39μ”) Tin (Sn)
Solder Tail Area —
1.00μm (39μ”) Tin (Sn)
Underplating —
Nickel (Ni)
Operating Temperature:
-40 to +105 °C
Female Terminal
MX120G™ Sealed Wire-to-Board Connector Configuration
Additional Product Features
MX120G™ Sealed
Wire-to-Wire and
Mating configuration of a typical 2-by-6 circuit, sealed MX120G™ wire-to-board assembly (exploded view)
Female Cavity Plug
(Series 36804)
Seal Cap
Matte Silicone Seal
Female Receptacle Housing
Ring Seal
Through Hole
Right Angle Male Header
(Series 36783)
Current Ratings and Applicable Wiring
Current Wire (FLRY-B) Outside Insulation
Diameter (FLRY-B)
7 Amps 0.35 sq. mm 1.2 to 1.4 mm
8 Amps 0.50 sq. mm 1.4 to 1.6 mm
9 Amps 0.75 sq. mm 1.6 to 1.9 mm
10.5 Amps 1.00 sq. mm 1.9 to 2.1 mm
FL – Automotive Wire
R – Reduced Thickness of Insulation
Y – PVC Insulation
Note: Molex offers wire-to-board male plugs with void options for
circuit sizes smaller than 12.
Rear view of a sealed MX120G™ male
header mounted on an ECU box
Mating interface of a PCB-mounted MX120G™ male header
Guiding slots to facilitate mounting of
the header to the ECU box
Locking ramp
Polarization features for
mating to receptacle
Cross-shaped PCB
mounting pegs
MX120G™ Sealed
Wire-to-Wire and
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Ordering Information
Order No. Circuits Description Mates with Use with
Female Receptacle
(X = 1 to 8; refer SD for color mark
identification options)
36799-0001 and 36799-0002
Crimp Terminals
36783-1201 Right Angle Shrouded
Male Header 36792-1201 -
36804-0001 1 Cavity Plug for
Female Receptacle -36792-1201
Female Receptacle
Crimp Terminals
Order No. Description/
(Grip Code)
Wire Gauge
Wire Size
Wire Insulation
Diameter (mm) Use with
36799-0001 Female Crimp Terminal (M) 17 – 20 0.50 – 0.75 1.4 – 1.9 36792-0401 and
36799-0002 Female Crimp Terminal (S) 20 – 22 0.35 – 0.50 1.2 – 1.6
LED street lights
Golf cart
– Buses
– Motorcycles and scooters
Agriculture and worksite vehicles
– Utility vehicles
– Tractors and combines
– Riding lawnmowers
Recreational Vehicles
– Snowmobiles
– Golf carts
– Jet skis
– Construction equipment
– Marine equipment
– Oil and gas installations
Exterior LED Lighting
– Traffic lights
– Overhead street lights
– Splash-proof medical equipment
Agriculture vehicles
Motorcycles and scooters