X-Chip Brochure Datasheet by FTDI, Future Technology Devices International Ltd

-‘ FTDI Ea; Chip ‘ INTRODUCING X-CHIP FTDl’s largest product release for USB bridged devices An abundance of features and system benetrts
The new X-Chlp Series of FuH Speed USB devrce brrdges offer more In‘erfoce ophons wiih \ower power, lower prn count and hrgher \evels of In‘egrofion. The new deVIces eH include on IMernol MTP memory for configuring and slorrng the device descrlpiors and on \nierno‘ dock source Boln inese feaiures resuH In a lower cost so‘ullon taro reduced BrH of Mulerlols and lower PCB reol esiote requrred io reohse We design. Device FT2OOXD FT201X FTZZOX FT221X FTZBOX FTZMX FT240X , ‘ 2 2 4m sin/mm sen sn/Frms Basrc UART FuH Handshake am we De’c'mm" ‘ C New” ‘ C New” \meflace‘ Menace Weflace . UART \n'ermce \n'efluce Dam rules 3 AMbIUs 3 AMbIUs SOORBgte/s VMBgte/s mam 3MBuud VMBgle/s MTP memory \niernal \niernal \niernal \niemal \niemal rmemul rmemul Clock owing.” \niernal \niernal \niernal \niemal \niemal rmemul rmemul caus Pms’ ‘ 5 ‘ ‘ 4 4 2 I ,0 PW“ v0 \evels hem v0 \evels hem v0 \evels hem v0 \evels hem v0 \evels hem v0 \evels new we \evels now u ravmnvrsv ravmnvrsv ravmxsvrsv ravmxsvrsv ravmxsvrsv mwwsvrsv ravwnvrsv pp 9 oaremm mpms) oaremm mpms) oaremm mpms) 00‘erom mpms) 00‘erom mpms) rarerem mpme) rarevem mpme) Ope'c‘v',‘:g:" 6mA 6mA 6mA 6mA 6mA 6mA 5m Opemfing 740'c «o .55”: 740'c «o .55”: 740'c «o .55”: 740'c «o .55”: 740'c «o .55”: 740°c «o .55”c 740”c «o .55”c Yemperalure , ‘érpm QFN ‘érpm QFN 20pm QFN ‘érpm QFN 201m QFN 24 rpm QFN Puc'mge’ ‘0 P‘" ”W 15me 550? 15me 550? 20pm 550»: 15me 550? 20pm SSOP 24pm sso? 'L-m-teu lo 4 en wrde dam m keep pm counl low 1 No DTR‘ DSR‘ DCD‘ Rl to keep pm ceum \ow ’ Caus pms are configurab‘a ems rev vunous Vunctlons eq GP‘O‘ LED dnwng‘ dock srqnuls ev BCD squu‘ FT1246 Bus Interface FTD“: flexrb‘e para‘lel/serral bus Interface, FTIZAB, offers We Hexlbmtg 001,2,4, or 5 brt wude data, oHowmg ior deSIQHS to be opllmrzed for speed or pm count In Pb" mode the FT1248 prowdes the equivalent of an enhanced SP‘ mierface VARIABLE WIDTH DATA BUS FT ‘ Synchronous Parallel/Serial Data 5553 - Suiiable lor SPI Slave applicafiians MISO (STATUS) ' Data Rules up to IMByle/a ' 3.3V l/O
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