B74999T9999M099 Kit Datasheet

Sample Kit 2021
Transient Voltage Suppressors – TVS
High-performance TVS Diodes for ICT, Consumer
and High-speed Applications
Excellent ESD protection
for portable, wearable & high-speed applications
The new micro packaged TVS diodes by TDK are designed to protect voltage sensitive
components from ESD for existing and future applications in direction of general purpose and
high-speed interfaces.
Excellent clamping voltage, low leakage and fast response time provides a state-of-the-art
protection on applications that are exposed to ESD. Due to its ultra-slim package, they are
an excellent solution for smartphones, true wireless earbuds, smart watches and many other
wearable applications with tight space requirements. Ultra-low capacitance permits excellent
signal integrity on demanding high-speed interfaces, such as USB 3.1, HDMI, Display Port
and Thunderbolt.
Ultra-small SMD package with a thickness of 100 µm and 150 µm
Available in chip scale packages CSP0201 and CSP01005
High ESD resistivity up to 24 kV based on IEC61000-4-2
Low clamping voltage down to 5.0 V (Iclamp = 16 A, TLP)
Low leakage current as low as 1 nA (VRWM = 3.3 V)
Very low capacitance down to 0.48 pF
General purpose
Wearables, portable devices
Network communication devices
High-speed interfaces
USB, Firewire
DVI, HDMI, display port
Product range
Electrical specifications and ordering codes
VRWM, max
I/O to GND
VBR, typ
1 mA
Ileak, typ
3.3 V
Vclamp1, typ
ITLP = 8 A
Vclamp2, typ
ITLP = 16 A
VESD, max
10 pulses
Rdyn, typ
1 MHz
IPP, max
Ordering code
General purpose applications, GP series
5 6.8 2 7.2 8.0 24 0.10 12 8 B74121G0050M060
5 6.8 2 7.6 8.9 15 0.16 5 4 B74111G0050M060
WL-CSP01005 SL
High-speed interface applications, ULC series
±3.3 5 … 8 1 3.9 5.2 15 0.15 0.65 - B74121U0033M060
±3.3 5 … 8 1 3.8 5.0 15 0.15 0.48 - B74111U0033M060
WL-CSP01005 SL
MLvom u
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Dimensional drawings
Symbols and terms
C Capacitance
Ileak Reverse leakage current
IPP Peak power current (8/20 µs)
SL Slim-line
TLP Transmission-line pulse
Rdyn Dynamic resistance
VBR Breakdown voltage
Vclamp Clamping voltage TLP
VRWM Reverse working voltage
WL-CSP0201 SL WL-CSP01005 SL
B74121G0050M060 B74111U0050M060
B74121G0033M060 B74111U0033M060
Symbol Mean Tol. Mean Tol.
A0.60 ±0.025 0.40 ±0.020
B0.30 ±0.025 0.20 ±0.020
T0.15 ±0.010 0.10 ±0.010
C0.22 ±0.020 0.15 ±0.020
D0.13 ±0.020 0.10 ±0.020
E0.26 (typical) 0.15 (typical)
e0.39 (typical) 0.25 (typical)
f0.04 (typical) 0.025 (typical)
Footprint 600 x 300 µm400 x 200 µm
Thickness 150 µm100 µm
Dimensions in mm