Quote Terms and Conditions

Conditions of Quote

All delivery dates quoted are estimated. Confirmed delivery dates may be obtained after receipt of order.

Alternate part numbers are suggested based on technical information available to Digi-Key. Digi-Key does not guarantee that suggested alternatives are based solely on the most recent data or that our interpretation and accuracy of the data is correct. Customer is solely responsible for confirming the specifications as well as determining the appropriateness and compatibility in selecting the given part for their application.

Due to quantities, usage, and contracts with our manufacturers some part numbers may be subject to special terms.

Date/Lot code information available at time of order.

Products sold by Digi-Key are manufactured by multiple suppliers at multiple locations. Due to dynamic inventory processes in place at Digi-Key, the Country of Origin for a product cannot be confirmed at the time of quote but can be confirmed at time of order. Country of Origin is based on last received.

Standard packaging is the minimum package size Digi-Key receives from the manufacturer. Minimum order quantity may be a smaller quantity than manufacturer standard packaging, due to Digi-Key’s value add services. The package type (i.e. reel, tube, tray) may change when product is broken down into smaller quantities.

Pricing does not include freight. Exact shipping and insurance charges can be obtained after ordering.

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Errors and Omissions: Prospective suppliers/buyers shall take no advantage of any apparent errors or omissions in the RFP documents. In the event any errors or omissions are discovered, the supplier/buyer shall notify the other party immediately.

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