Scheduled Shipments


A scheduled shipment is necessary when you would like a line item to be broken into more than one shipment or you would like each line item on an order to ship separately and arrive on different dates. Some advantages to scheduling include paying the per piece price of the total quantity on order, not having to keep an abundance of product in your facility and saving yourself the time of placing the same order over and over again.


Once you are logged in and have added over $100.00 to a cart a "Schedule Shipments" button will appear.

Schedule Shipments

Clicking on this button will bring you to the "Schedule Shipments" page, which appears like a step in the checkout process.

Scheduled Shipments

Schedule Shipments order

There are 6 guidelines for scheduling an order:
  1. Line items must be scheduled in multiples of the standard package. Each line item may have one schedule outside of the standard package (Minimum order quantity must still be met.).
  2. Each scheduled release with the exception of one must have a minimum value of $100.00 (You may schedule separate line items for the same release to reach this value.).
  3. If the In House Date of the first release is unscheduled none of the aforementioned rules apply to it and the release will not count towards the rule exceptions.
  4. Pricing is based on the volume of the entire purchase (Any partial cancellation of this schedule may be subject to a rebilling or cancellation fee).
  5. Releases cannot be scheduled more than 12 months into the future.
  6. Schedules will be lost if an order remains uncommitted for 30 days.

The initial view of the Add a Release and Release Summary tables display the full quantity for each line item with an unscheduled in house date. When a quantity is Unscheduled it simply means a future In House Date has not been associated with that quantity and it will ship as soon as possible.

Schedule Shipment view release

To add a release you must enter a valid scheduled quantity, select a valid future In House date and click the Add Schedule button.

Schedule Shipment add release

Once a release is added the quantity gets pulled from the unscheduled rows and displays as a release in both tables.

Schedule Shipment both tables

Once a release is added the options to edit or delete are available. Clicking the Delete button will remove the product from the release and reallocate the quantity back to the Unscheduled row. When you click the Edit button the fields activate and become editable. You can then make a change and click Save to update the release or click Cancel and return to the initial selections.

Schedule Shipments edit or delete

If you enter a quantity or date that is invalid an asterisk will display next to the field in error and an error message will display at the top of the page.

Schedule Shipments asterisk

If the $100.00 rule is not being followed in the release summary the release values that are currently an issue will display in red.

Schedule Shipments display red

If you attempt to finish the order while these release values are red the entire release will display in red, the note beneath the Release Summary will display in red and an error will display at the top of the page.

Schedule Shipments release summary


When an order contains both unscheduled and scheduled in house dates the shipping page will ask for ship methods for each. The immediate unscheduled shipment will ship via the unscheduled ship method and the remaining releases will ship via the scheduled ship method.

Schedule Shipments shipping method

When the total quantity of every line item has a future scheduled In House Date the shipping page will only collect the scheduled ship method.

Schedule Shipments future shipping method

Cart, Preview Order, and Submitted Order

When a schedule exists, the cart, preview order and submitted order pages will all receive a column labeled "Schedules". If a line item has an associated schedule a "Schedule Exists" link will display.

Schedule Shipments schedule exists

Clicking this link on the cart or preview order pages will navigate you to the normal schedule shipments page. Clicking this link on the submitted order page will navigate you to a locked version of the schedule shipments page.

Schedule Shipments (Submitted)

This version of the schedule shipments page contains a message indicating how a schedule can be edited now that it has been submitted. This is also where you can navigate to this orders “Order Status” to get a live look at the order after the first release has shipped.

Schedule Shipments submitted

Order Status

The order status screen has received a new “View Schedule” button that will display on every invoice for an order that contains schedules.

Schedule Shipments order status

Clicking that button opens the full schedule and gives you a live look at the complete schedule along with the corresponding invoices for each release that has already shipped.

Schedule Shipments full order status