Product Change Notifications


Product Change Notifications have been added to your My Digi-Key profile. This listing is based on your ordering history. When Digi-Key receives a Product Change Notification from a Manufacturer for a product you have previously purchased, the documentation will now be available in My Digi-Key. To view the Product Notifications on My Digi-Key, the link appears in the left navigation under 'My Ordering and Shopping Carts'.

Product Notifications

Notifications Include:

  • Part Status Change
  • Obsolete/End of Life
  • Manufacturer Information
  • Assembly/Origin
  • Packaging
  • Part Number
  • Design/Specification

Filter Product Notifications

Filtering functionality is available for this listing allowing you to filter by date, notification type, and manufacturer. You can also search by part number, customer reference, purchase order number and Digi-Key order number.

Filter Product Notifications