Multiple Shipping Addresses


Multiple shipping addresses is a new feature that has been added for our registered users. Registered users will now have the ability to add and use alternative shipping addresses.

When going through the checkout process you will now see any saved addresses in a list and a link that says Add a New Shipping Address:

Add a New Shipping Address

Clicking the link pops open a modal to add a new address:

Shipping Address - Add Address

Up to 9 addresses can be added and any added shipping addresses are editable and can be deleted.

You may also add alternative shipping addresses in your My Digi-Key interface. In the My Profile box, you can click on Edit Profile.

My Profile - Edit Profile

This will open the Profile Information panel where there is a section for Alternative Shipping Addresses. There is a link labeled "Add a shipping address" that will open the form to add an alternative shipping address to your account.

My Digi-Key Add Shipping Address

Alternate Shipping Address

Hitting submit will add that alternative address to your account and they will show up under Alternative Shipping Addresses. You will also have the option to either edit or delete existing Alternative Shipping Addresses.

Alternate Shipping Addresses