Mailing Address: 74 Simcoe St, Scotland, ON N0E 1R0 Canada
Design Services Contact: Andrew Mospan, +1519 279 4600 x852

One stop for all your IoT and M2M development needs

RoweBots is with you all the way from product concept to detailed definition, engineering, prototyping and product launch. Whatever the scope or size of your project; whatever the size of your company, we can be at your side to:

• Help your team focus on your IoT goals

• Keep your project engaged with your customers

• Discover and define new opportunities

Security for devices connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) or devices involved in Machine to Machine (M2M) communications is a critical part of all systems being designed today, that's why RoweBots pays special attention to Security and provides: end to end encryption (TLS/SSL, IPSec, IP Filtering), Secure email using SMTP and TLS, Secure web server communication using SMTP and TLS, Secure web server communication using HTTP and TLS for HTTPS, SSH or secure shell, SFTP or secure file transfer, Secure Bootloader and of course, UNISON supports ARM TrustZone technology on Cortex-M and provides a secure and non-secure execution area.

RoweBots was founded in May 1987 by a group of University researchers. From the outset, RoweBots had its roots in real-time multiprocessor software and has broadened into an embedded signal processing systems company today. In 2017, RoweBots celebrated 30 years of profitable operation.


  • Hardware Design
    • Audio
    • DSP
    • Ethernet
    • FPGA Design
    • General - Digital and Analog Circuitry
    • Impedance Controlled PCB Design
    • Multilayer High-Speed Mixed Digital and Analog
    • PCB Design/Layout
    • Power Supply Design
    • Schematic Capture
    • USB
  • Mechanical Design
    • PCB and Component 3D Modeling
  • Project Management/Logistics
    • Component Purchasing
    • Product Cost Estimating
    • Project Management
  • Prototype/Manufacturing
    • Design for Manufacturing
    • Documented Pre-Production Prototypes
    • Low to Medium Volume Production Runs
    • Prototype Assembly and Testing
    • Rapid Prototyping Capability
  • Software Design
    • Android OS
    • ARM
    • ASIC (Verilog & VHDL)
    • Board Bring Up (BBU)
    • Boot Loaders
    • C/C++
    • Development Tool Porting (gcc, gdb, oprofile, etc.)
    • Device Drivers (Linux, Custom Kernel)
    • DSP Algorithms, Signal Processing IP
    • Embedded Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs)
    • FPGA (Verilog & VHDL)
    • Linux
    • Microcontroller Class Embedded Software/Firmware
    • OS Based Microprocessor Embedded Software/Firmware
    • PC Software
    • RTOS
    • RTOS-FreeRTOS
    • RTOS-Micrium
    • Smart Phone Apps
    • Web Based User Interfaces/Server and Data Integration
  • Wireless Design
    • Bluetooth
    • Cellular
    • GPS
    • Wi-Fi
    • WiMax/LTE
    • ZigBee/802.15.4

Development Tools

  • FPGA/Synthesis
    • Altera Quartus II
  • IDE/Compiler
    • Atmel AVR Studio
    • e2Studio
    • HEW
    • IAR
    • Keil
    • Kinetis Design Studio
    • Microchip MPLAB
    • System WorkBench for STM32
    • Texas Instruments Code Composer Studio
    • Thunder Bench
  • Other
    • National Instruments LabView
    • LoRa
  • Schematic/Board Layout
    • Altium
    • Cadence Allegro/Orcad
    • DipTrace
    • Eagle
    • KiCAD
  • Simulation
    • Mathcad
    • Matlab/Simulink

Industries Served

  • Aerospace
  • Consumer
  • Industrial
  • IoT
  • Medical
  • Military
  • Wearables


  • arm
  • IAR Systems
  • Mentor Graphics
  • Microchip Technology
  • Microsemi Corporation
  • NXP Semiconductors
  • Renesas Electronics America
  • STMicroelectronics
  • Sierra Wireless
  • Texas Instruments

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