OMNI Engineering Services Inc.

Mailing Address: 902 E 2nd Street Suite# 370, Winona, MN 55987 USA
Design Services Contact: Jim Kiekbusch, 507-269-6872

Our capabilities include a wide variety of experience in areas such as serial communications, networks, microcontrollers, power electronics, assembly languages, embedded C developments, medical instrumentation, and PID control Systems.

The key elements to a successful product development project are:
  • Structured Project Management
  • Comprehensive Customer Communications
  • Co-developed Milestones
  • Applicable Experience
  • Continuous Focus on Goals
  • From lessons learned over 20+ years of experience, OMNI employs a project management structure which is enhanced with comprehensive customer communications. With implementation of co-developed milestones and continuous attention to reporting results, OMNI has been and continues to be successful in producing production ready products.

    OMNI Engineering Services has worked with such Products/Markets as:
  • Medical
  • Automotive
  • Agricultural
  • Off-Road
  • Temperature Controls
  • HVAC
  • Computers
  • Aviation

  • OMNI Engineering Services has experience with such Technologies as:
  • Analog Circuit Design
  • Micro-controllers
  • Power Electronics
  • Serial Bus (CAN, USB)
  • Display technologies
  • Radio Communications
  • Single Board Computers
  • Motor control semicond
  • Discrete Digital IC’s
  • Switching Power Supplies

  • OMNI Engineering Services has experience with Micros such as:
  • Freescale Family
  • MicroChip Family
  • ARM – Cores
  • Intel Family
  • Infineon Family
  • Capabilities

    • Hardware Design
      • General - Digital and Analog Circuitry
      • PCB Design/Layout
      • Power Supply Design
      • Schematic Capture
      • USB
    • Mechanical Design
      • Enclosure Design
    • Project Management/Logistics
      • Product Cost Estimating
      • Project Management
      • UL Certification
      • Web Site Design & Development
    • Prototype/Manufacturing
      • Design for Manufacturing
      • Documented Pre-Production Prototypes
      • Low to Medium Volume Production Runs
      • Prototype Assembly and Testing
      • Test Fixture Development
    • Software Design
      • ARM
      • Boot Loaders
      • C/C++
      • Development Tool Porting (gcc, gdb, oprofile, etc.)
      • Device Drivers (Linux, Custom Kernel)
      • Embedded Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs)
      • Microcontroller Class Embedded Software/Firmware
      • OS Based Microprocessor Embedded Software/Firmware
      • PC Based Graphical User Interfaces
      • PC Software
      • RTOS
      • Web Based User Interfaces/Server and Data Integration
      • Windows .NET
    • System Level Design
      • Block Level System Design and Integration
      • Design for Testability
    • Wireless Design
      • Bluetooth
      • Wi-Fi
      • ZigBee/802.15.4

    Development Tools

    • IDE/Compiler
      • Freescale Code Warrior
      • Keil
      • Microchip MPLAB
    • Other
      • National Instruments LabView
    • Schematic/Board Layout
      • Cadsoft Eagle
      • KiCAD
    • Simulation
      • Spice/Simulation

    Industries Served

    • Aerospace
    • Agriculture
    • Automotive
    • Consumer
    • Industrial
    • Medical

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