Celerity Embedded Design Services, LLC

Mailing Address: 1 Jonathan Bourne Drive, Ste. 8, Pocasset, Massachusetts 02559 USA
Design Services Contact: John R. DeCesare, 508-403-0304 ext. 2#

Celerity provides high quality, state of the art electronic product design services from concept to production. We differentiate ourselves by being an agile, cost effective design firm with many years of design experience bringing value to the development cycle and the end product. We also offer PCB fabrication and assembly services as well as compliance certifications for our customers products. Our experience developing a variety of products with a broad range of technologies and our commitment to provide high quality services allows our customers to have the confidence that their product development will be successful.

Celerity has design experience in many areas of embedded design including:
  • Microprocessors (TI, Microchip/Atmel, NXP/Freescale, STMicro and others)
  • Multi-Gigabit Interfaces (Fiber/SFP, GE, USB 3.x, SATA, PCIe, SRIO, Aurora)
  • FPGA (Xilinx Zynq, Ultrascale, Intel/Altera)
  • High Speed Memories (DDR3, DDR4)
  • Wireless (802.11, Bluetooth, Zigbee)
  • Analog, Audio and Video (HDMI, DP)
  • Power Supplies
  • LED Lighting

Celerity also provides Industrial and Mechanical Engineering services. Their team can provide product and enclosure designs as well as human interface devices such as keypads, touch screen and membrane overlays. They excel in the design of plastic enclosures as well as sheet metal chassis designs and can provide quick turn prototypes.


  • Hardware Design
    • Audio
    • DSP
    • Ethernet
    • FPGA Design
    • General - Digital and Analog Circuitry
    • High Density/Low Profile/BGA Packaging
    • Impedance Controlled PCB Design
    • Multilayer High-Speed Mixed Digital and Analog
    • PCB Design/Layout
    • Power Supply Design
    • Design for RoHS Compliance
    • Schematic Capture
    • USB
    • Video - HDMI, Display Port, DVI
  • Mechanical Design
    • Enclosure Design
    • Full Product 3D Modeling
    • PCB and Component 3D Modeling
  • Project Management/Logistics
    • Component Purchasing
    • FCC Certification
    • Product Cost Estimating
    • Project Management
    • UL Certification
  • Prototype/Manufacturing
    • Design for Manufacturing
    • Low to Medium Volume Production Runs
    • Manufacturing Services
    • Prototype Assembly and Testing
    • Rapid Prototyping Capability
  • Software Design
    • Board Bring Up (BBU)
    • Boot Loaders
    • C/C++
    • Embedded Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs)
    • FPGA, PLD, & HDL-based designs (Verilog & VHDL)
    • Full Software support with Partners
    • Microcontroller Class Embedded Software/Firmware
  • System Level Design
    • Analog Simulation
    • Block Level System Design and Integration
    • Design for EMI/RFI Immunity
    • Design for Testability
  • Wireless Design
    • Bluetooth
    • Cellular
    • GPS
    • Pre-Certified Module Integration
    • Wi-Fi
    • ZigBee/802.15.4

Development Tools

  • FPGA/Synthesis
    • Actel
    • Intel Quartus II
    • Lattice
    • Xilinx ISE
  • IDE/Compiler
    • Atmel AVR Studio
    • Cypress PSOC Designer
    • Freescale Code Warrior
    • IAR
    • Keil
    • Microchip MPLAB
    • Renesas
    • Texas Instruments Code Composer Studio
  • Mechanical
    • Pro/Engineer
    • SolidWorks
  • Other
    • National Instruments LabVIEW
  • Schematic/Board Layout
    • Altium
    • Cadence Allegro/Orcad
    • Mentor Graphics PADS
  • Simulation
    • Matlab/Simulink

Industries Served

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Consumer
  • iPhone/iPad/iPod Accessories and Applications
  • LED Lighting
  • Marine
  • Medical
  • Military


  • Intel
  • NXP Semiconductors
  • STMicroelectronics
  • Texas Instruments
  • Xilinx

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