bbs Bild- und Lichtsysteme GmbH

Mailing Address: Münchner Str. 52, Bad Wiessee, Bavaria D-83707 Germany
Design Services Contact: Edmund Schaller, +49(0)80226445

BBS develops and manufactures microdisplay kits, from DLP, HTPS, and LCOS spacial light modulators used e.g. in 3D printing, 3D scanning, holography, and research applications.

Our products are high resolution Microdisplay Systems: Micro-DLP-drive boards, Micro-LCOS controllers, Micro-LCD controllers with XGA, SXGA, SXGA+, UXGA , WXGA, HD, 4K and higher resolutions.

bbs was founded in 1984 and introduced the first electronic film viewer (Optilyser) to the world.

1986 followed the first low price video analyse (Profilyser) for professional photo labs.

Today our business is development service and OEM production for manufacturers of 3D-scanners, 3D-printers, spatial light modulators (SLM), photo-plotters, medical imaging, microscopy, surveying instruments, mini-lab, holography, and beamer technology.


  • Hardware Design
    • Design for RoHS Compliance
    • Ethernet
    • FPGA Design
    • General - Digital and Analog Circuitry
    • High Density/Low Profile/BGA Packaging
    • Impedance Controlled PCB Design
    • Multilayer High-Speed Mixed Digital and Analog
    • PCB Design/Layout
    • Schematic Capture
    • USB
    • Video - HDMI, Display Port, DVI
  • Mechanical Design
    • PCB and Component 3D Modeling
  • Project Management/Logistics
    • Component Purchasing
    • Product Cost Estimating
  • Prototype/Manufacturing
    • Design for Manufacturing
    • Documented Pre-Production Prototypes
    • Low to Medium Volume Production Runs
  • Software Design
    • C/C++
    • FPGA (Verilog & VHDL)
    • Microcontroller Class Embedded Software/Firmware
    • PC Based Graphical User Interfaces
    • PC Software
    • Windows .NET
  • System Level Design
    • Analog Simulation
    • Block Level System Design and Integration

Development Tools

  • FPGA/Synthesis
    • Altera Quartus II
    • Xilinx ISE
    • Xilinx Vivado
  • IDE/Compiler
    • Atmel AVR Studio
    • Microsoft Visual Studio
    • Xilinx SDK
  • Schematic/Board Layout
    • Altium
  • Simulation
    • Spice/Simulation

Industries Served

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Industrial
  • Medical

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