Chip Outpost - Excess Electronic Component Inventory

Chip Outpost is your source for excess factory direct components from Digi-Key's line of Authorized Distributors.

Chip Outpost offers you:

  • A 3 year warranty, to refund or replace parts backed by Digi-Key's outstanding commitment to customer satisfaction
  • Real-time pricing
  • Ease of use
    • The same exceptional Digi-Key service.
    • Digi-Key’s search engine will provide results for both Chip Outpost and standard Digi-Key parts.
    • Chip Outpost orders can be combined with standard Digi-Key orders minimizing the number of Purchase Orders you need to place.

Simply put, Chip Outpost allows you to simplify ALL your component procurement requirements while being confident you are receiving original, factory direct product.

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All Chip Outpost sales are final. Chip Outpost product is non-cancelable and non-returnable. Manufacturers' warranties do not apply to Chip Outpost products purchased through Digi-Key. Additionally, Chip Outpost product is not available for backorders. Chip Outpost inventory may consist of older date and lot codes as well as obsolete product. Chip Outpost is presented to Digi-Key customers as an additional service in conjunction with Digi-Key’s commitment to stock all of the products featured in our catalogs and on our websites.