SiTime Offers On-Demand and Live Classes While Leveraging Digi-Key Partnership

SiTime is known for its vast bandwidth of timing solutions available in a wide variety of frequencies. Now, they are taking things to the next level by helping to educate their customers on the fundamental technologies surrounding their products.

Starting on October 7th, 2021, SiTime kicked off a series of live classes dedicated to doing just that. To accompany these live classes, they also provide video-on-demand online education classes on supporting topics. Their goal is to enable customers to find the absolute best solution to their current and future technology needs.

Where does Digi-Key fit into all this? Digi-Key has invested in two machines that are strictly dedicated to turning blank, base SiTime oscillators into fully customized, programmed oscillators ready for customer use. SiTime eases this process by linking their “buy now” straight to Digi-Key’s servers. So, found what you needed on SiTime’s website? No need to meander over to Digi-Key’s site to place the order. Our systems will do all the talking for you.

Figure 1: A photograph of Digi-Key's automated programming machine placing a blank oscillator in one of the programming sockets. (Image source: Digi-Key)

If you’re looking for the perfect timing products with the least hassle possible, head over to SiTime and take a look at their educational resources to get started today.

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