Sell Better with Digi-Key Marketplace: Utilizing Digi-Key’s TechForum to Connect with Customers

The TechForum was created to offer customers the opportunity to post their inquiries and design questions for the engineering community on the world wide web as well as our internal engineering department. Questions regarding design, identification, substitution, and support are posted daily, along with respective replies.

The TechForum is open to customers as well as suppliers. We welcome you to create an account and participate.  You may recommend your products, but please note that this is an engineering solutions platform - posts that are strictly marketing are strongly discouraged.

The website address for the TechForum is It is also accessible from the Digi-Key homepage by clicking on the Resources button in the header:

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Image of Lindsay Foy Lindsay Foy, Applications Engineering Technician at Digi-Key Electronics, has been with Digi-Key since 2005 and is responsible for assisting customers resolve their technical questions on various projects as well as writing technical content. She possesses degrees in both Automated Electronics and Electronic Component Marketing from Northland Community & Technical College. In her free time, Lindsay enjoys volunteering as a Minnesota Master Gardner, taking MOOC courses, and travelling.
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